Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shapes of Things

Here we are again, standing in the doorway of another calendar year, peering through the mist on the other side to discover what awaits us. As in previous years some of us, most of us, maybe even all of us - manage to get it wrong. Whatever method of peering through future's mist is used, all that can truly be discerned are vague shadows and shapes.
Shapes of things before my eyes
Just teach me to despise
Will time make man more wise
Here within my lonely frame
My eyes just hurt my brain
But will it seem the same
From an old song sung by the Yardbirds, long ago in 1965

Examples of some failed and forgotten 2013 psychic predictions - where "shapes" must've been interpreted wrongly, are listed at a website called Relatively Interesting

Some of the best predictions in any year have come from science fiction or speculative fiction writers, though these focus their sights much further into the future than the next 12 months. For instance, in 1964 Isaac Asimov offered his guess at what might be found if one set foot inside a mythical 2014 World’s Fair. Bringing his talent for envisioning future technology into play, Asimov’s predictions from 50 years ago are weirdly accurate. See HERE for detail of what he got right or almost right.

Mundane astrology can give indication of "atmospheres" prevailing in any given time span, but not of actual events. During the late spring of 2014, there's an astro-indication of some kind of increased and ongoing tension. Around late April, four planets (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto) in cardinal signs (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) all at around 13 degrees will form what's known as a Grand Cross. This is is made up of planets forming four square (90 degree) aspects to one another, and two 180 degree oppositions. It is thought to indicate, in mundane astrology, times of long-term tension, occasional confrontations, general feelings of discomfort, anger and the facing of challenges. Business as usual then? For more detail, I recommend astrologer Bill Herbst's articles on this. He offers down to earth and all encompassing information on mundane implications of the upcoming Grand Cross for the USA, and general astro-indications for the 2010 decade as a whole in his pdf essays listed and linked on his website. The two articles from 2013 and the first in the 2012 list are most relevant.

At the end of December 2012 a post of mine, "The future Isn't What it Used to Be" may (or may not) have carried some insights for 2013, including my own effort, arrived at via my Tarot deck. The 3 cards I drew in December 2012, in order were:
10 of Swords/5 of Coins/The Moon.
In a nutshell: bottoming out/hard times/anxiety, confusion, misapprehension.
Very vague, though not far off the mark, a similar prediction could apply to just about any year during the last decade.

For 2014 I've drawn 3 Tarot cards, in order they are:
The Devil, The Hierophant and 6 of Cups. First two cards are of the Major Arcana so carry most weight. I've tried to work out the right interpretation for this particular contextof a year's prediction for the nation or for the world at large. Other interpretations, for different contexts, are listed HERE .

The Devil: accepting an unpleasant and unwanted situation, choosing to stay in the dark, in ignorance while over-indulging the senses and focusing on the material. Thinking negatively about the future.

The Hierophant: Seeking some kind of belief system, conforming to its rules. Adapting and fitting in as part of the Establishment and/or some institutionalised organisation.

6 of cups is a strange card to find here, bearing in mind the first two! It usually indicates something child-like with feelings of nostalgia for the past.

So... I'd guess that things will remain much as as they are at present for most of the coming year. People will prefer to remain "in the dark" about much that is wrong, even though they are aware of it on some level. The majority will fit in, go along to get along, even while experiencing feelings of nostalgia for better times in the past.

On another level, The Hierophant card might represent the Pope, who has been quite outspoken recently - perhaps he'll continue this, or be even more outspoken about some crucial issue during 2014?

Any alternative thoughts or predictions, on these cards, or generally will be very welcome.

No matter how the 2014 cookie crumbles.....


mike said...

The future marches on as they say, with or without me. Adaptation seems to be the efficacious keyword toward survival. I just read that one-third of Americans don't believe in evolution, but mental evolution is advantageous to this decade of weirdness, whether one believes in genetic evolution or not (those that can't grasp the scientific evidence and go with their fundamental biblical version).

As for your comment regarding the Pope, it seems that the media can't quite grasp the fact that not all peoples are Catholic. I'd love some air-play for the other religious leaders of the world, or the agnostics and atheists...even the pagans! I'm delighted that Pope Francis is delivering new air for the Catholics to breath, but it should have been there all along and I don't care anyway...LOL.

We are currently in a several-week period of activation of the grand square...a preview for the April event. Take note of issues occurring now, as they may not resolve for several months or reappear then. Fortunately, I don't have too much Cardinal emphasis in my natal chart...a solo Uranus at 9* Cancer. Can't say that I'm unscathed, as we all have the Cardinal cross somewhere, but I'm not in the active zone...whew.

The Chinese saying (curse): may you live in interesting times...seems to be a mantra of our extant time. It feels abrasive to me and I have to be careful of taking it all too seriously...can't help it sometimes...but I'm actually very interested and pleased with having lived this long and being able to partake in one of the most astrological eventful times that is definitely changing the course of humanity...and really anything on the globe is affected...we humans have managed to exert an overpowering influence upon the Earth.

mike (again) said...

And a Happy New Year to you and aj!

mike (again) said...

BTW, I saw "Burt Wolf, Travels and Traditions" on PBS last weekend and this show was about New Years. He ties it up as a Pagan remnant of the end of Saturnalia, return of the sun. The Gregorian calendar reflects that, too. Other nations and cultures celebrate at other times of the year, usually around spring solstice.

The show covered many traditions around the globe. Do you Brits have any traditions? Here in the states, we have the ubiquitous traditions, but I've known people from various cultures that celebrate in many different ways, usually choice of foods or a particular food item (grapes, black-eyed peas), but can extend to who visits your house first on January 1st.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I'm not totally convinced yet that the Pope is quite as progressive as his current messages suggest. Like you, I really don't care, I'm not RC - or of any organised religion. As the Pope is the only thing in our world nearing the tarot card's Hierophant - who knows, maybe something major or more major will emerge this year relating to him or his position.

Re British traditions at New Year-
I'm not sure how many are carried on still. First footing was a tradition when I was young - first person into the house door after 12 midnight should be dark-haired, bringing with him an evergreen branch and some bread.
I doubt that still goes on. My grandma used to have my Dad doing the first foot routine, he had black hair when young.

I also remember, when still at school, that on New Year morning groups of kids would run around the streets of our town chanting a verse - can't recall all the words, but it ended "Please will you give us a New Year's gift. If you haven't got a penny a halfpenny will do, if you haven't a halfpenny, god bless you!"
In the old days, before my time, I was told that people would throw coins to the kids, sometimes they'd be coins heated over coals in the fire.

My grandma used to prepare a special dish for New Year, she called it "White Rabbit", roast rabbit in a savoury cream sauce, served with carlins (black peas).
I didn't ever try it, I was allowed s piece of her wonderful chocolate cake instead. :-)

Re the Grand Square - I guess I'm in the way of it with natal Saturn at 12.55 Aries. I shall fasten my seatbelt. ;-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ And, of course - wishing you all you wish yourself for 2014!

R J Adams said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Twilight.
PS I'm hopeful my spammers have finally gone away!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Thanks, RJ - and the same coming back to you and Mrs RJ.

Pleased to hear you've shooed 'em away. :-)

mike (again) said...

One down and more to go, Twilight! Chinese New Year is the end of the month...year of the wood horse. Horse is compatible with tiger, so 2014 is good for me. What animal are you?


Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Tiger here too :-)
I've never managed to get the hang of Chinese astrology though - it doesn't feel right. Maybe you have to be Chinese, or of Chinese roots to understand it.

ex-Chomp said...

Very interesting indeed, the Devil and the Hierophant in particular.

In my opinion, the Devil is a false belief and material system.
And the Hierophant symbolizes the false belief systems that prevent us to face the real knot in action in our world from some decades.

Everyone considers this moment bad, many and many protest for this and that but, instead of facing the true knots, we usually prefer to escape in some belief system of our taste or gut.

On the contrary, up to the moment we turn direct while staying in this long, long, very long, too long, very too long retro stage of the world - which we are in from decades up now - no real result can be be achieved. And no real result will be.

What concerns me - and concerned me - the most is the astonishing power that illusion took in our lives, all over the world, due to mass media and now social networks.

Will I see once in a lifetime, and I am no more young and too many springs sprang my head until today, will I see a moment of waking-up, of ending from the terrible stifling strangling choking swamping tightening throttling knots of illusion...

Who knows... Who knows that, notwithstanding all, against all previews and forecasts, in those next years, for a series of deplation, exhuastion, burn-outs and breakdowns may a final break-up intervene and that it may burn-in the entire world...

And a Wide Awakening would rise again

Who knows...

In this case, your Tarot Card, the Hierophant I mean, would express its positive meanings

Best New Year

And May a Twilight Rise Again in this old exhausted world

Twilight said...

ex-Chomp ~ Thanks for those heartfelt thoughts. I feel much the same. I like your interpretation of The Devil and The Hierophant cards.

Your point about illusion and social media is important. social media had, and has, potential to be our savior, but instead is fast becoming the opposite - casting a spell over masses who might otherwise have been the beginnings of rebellion and change.

It'll take something big to start us on the road to change. It looks unlikely to be soon - but, as you say, who knows? The unexpected is always lurking.

Warm wishes for 2014 to you too, ex-Chomp. Let's hope for a new dawn to rise with a happy Twilight to follow eh? :-)