Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Royal Innocent

Royal baby? I wish the wee thing no ill and hope he will live a long, happy and healthy life. It'll take a while before he discovers what a world of potential hurt he has launched himself into.

That's just about all I have to say on the matter. I have no interest in what name the baby will be given. I'm not a fan of The Royals or the huge clan of aristocracy, hangers on and social climbers attached to them. The whole idea of monarchy and aristocracy gives me the shivers, but they are what they are, and Britain, for now, is stuck with 'em.

For any passing reader who's a fan of The Royals there are four posts in the archives relating to various members of the elite gang. All can be quickly accessed by clicking on the tag "royal family" in the Label Cloud in the sidebar. I'll copy the oldest of those archived posts here - it's brief and does have a vague relevance to The Royal Baby's chances of accessing the British throne before senility. The post is from 2007 :
The Prince of Wales and the British Throne

I've noticed a few predictions recently relating to the heir to the British throne.
The most recent, from astrologer Andrew J. Bevan states that it's likely Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, will shortly renounce his claim to the throne in favour of his elder son Prince William. The astrologer surmises that if this does not occur in the near future, then an announcement is still likely before the end of the year (2007). I recall some discussion along similar lines in Noel Tyl's forum, and elsewhere, in recent months.

Way back in the 1950s and 60s when Prince Charles was young, astrologers or psychics were predicting that he "would never be king". Such predictions have surfaced from time to time, ever since. It'll be very interesting to see whether these long-standing predictions will come true. If they are ever to do so, then the next year or two is a likely time, bearing in mind the Queen's age, Prince Charles' marriage, and the fact that Prince William is approaching an age when it would be reasonable for him to take on the responsibility.

Those predictions bit the dust didn't they? That should serve as a a warning to psychics and astrologers not to push their luck!


mike said...

It seems that every society or nation has their own brand of royalty. Britain has the Queen and her clan of successors, the Catholics have the pope, and America has Kim Kardashian (formerly Paris Hilton) and the Hollywood or sports icons. We humans have a knack for putting others on a pedestal to admire...or denigrate when the pedestal collapses under its own weight. Love-hate at its finest!

Twilight said...

That's true. I guess it is in our earth-bound genes: animals do it, bees do it, even educated fleas - well you know - do it.......have leaders of packs, Queens, someone, somehow on a pedestal. (Actually I'm not sure about the fleas).

Vanilla Rose said...

George Alexander Louis.

Twilight said...

Old Satchmo would be proud to have a prince named after him!

Dunyazade said...

But imagine that those predictions are still true - just the timing is off.

I can think of one scenario where Prince Charles would renounce in favour of his son: if he was extremely ill (wishing him no harm! Just for the sake of argument).

I think this baby might bring change to monarchy - in what way, I don't know.


Twilight said...

Dunyazade ~ Hi there! Yes, the old prediction, that we shall not see a King Charles III, could still come to pass - it doesn't take a wide stretch of imagination to see several scenarios which might bring about that eventuality. I've been expecting it to happen since the Diana tragedy. They are laws unto themselves, the royals - literally!

Anyone predicting timing has to be very brave!

Absent disastrous calamities (of which, again, it doesn't take a stretch of imagination to come up with several possibilities) it'd be 40 or 50 years hence before King George VII ascended the throne. With the speed of progress as it is, even now, it DOES take a stretch of imagination to envisage what life will be like by then.

James Higham said...

I've been waiting for your astrological take on this. some very interesting alignments.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~ I don't feel inclined or keen enough to wade into that deep water, but the professionals will be lining up to do so - lots of 'em are having their say online already.

Dunyazade said...

I'm writing also about the new Prince - though I'm not a professional :D

Twilight said...

Dunyazade ~ That's brave of you!
I'm going to be otherwise occupied for a couple of days, but will make a note to check your website later on. :-)