Sunday, July 21, 2013


RIP Helen Thomas, who died, aged 92 yesterday - a long life, well-lived, I'd say. She was an author and former news service reporter, member of the White House press corps for many years.

My two archived posts about Ms Thomas, including her natal chart, are at:

Saturday/Sunday Superwomen (2008)
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I had to wince upon re-reading some lines from the 2009 post at the second of those links.
And our new President? I reckon he's doing just fine in the abysmal circumstances facing this country and the world. He inspires confidence. I very happily take back any suspicions I had early in the primaries that his lack of experience would be a detriment, and that a constant Neptunian vibe I got from him was A Bad Thing. I was reminded of that Neptunian vibe again the other day when I noticed the title of an article by John V. Santore at Huffington Post: "Obama Isn't Who I Didn't Think He Was. But He Might Be."
Doesn't that title reflect Neptune so very well?

Perhaps nobody can yet see President Obama without a wisp or two of fog around him. That's not an entirely bad thing though. It keeps us alert. Alert enough to note any mis-steps. The President is a human being, he'll make a few of those. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in a Neptunian fog far denser than those wispy clouds around President Obama.

Whaaaaat? Did I feel like that - then? "He inspires confidence" ? What a difference four years can make!


mike said...

Helen Thomas is (was) someone SPECIAL...I always appreciated and enjoyed her succinct candor. It was Bush Jr that relegated her to the back row to humiliate her for her honest questions critical of his regime. Shame and humiliation was part-and-parcel of the Bush Jr tactic to deflect critical expressions of concern regarding his leadership ("I am the decider!".

She was critical and outspoken of the Obama administration, particularly transparency issues, but Obama did present a cordial respect toward Helen.

We just lost one of the last true journalists of influence that wasn't afraid to ask tough questions and report the objective.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...
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♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I liked Helen.. she was a true pioneer and for anyone who likes truth , she will be missed..

RIP Helen- you did GOOD~!

DC said...

Her and Obama have the same birthday btw (you probably know that tho haha)

Twilight said...

mike, sonny, DC ~ Thanks for adding your thoughts.

DC ~ I hadn't remembered that coincidence - checked back to the first of the links in the post and note that I did indeed mentioned it. It didn't seem to have made much of an impression on me though - we didn't know him well back then....but do we now, even?) ;-)