Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Another Solstice looms: summer arrives in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern reaches of our planet.

I'd try to wax lyrical about the summer, as most do, but I'd fail.

Summer months here in Oklahoma do not thrill me. Excessive heat is added to allergies and related headaches, then there are the pesky bugs! Going outdoors for long is a no-no for me.

To passing readers who enjoy the summer season - it's all yours folks - have a great time! I shall do my rejoicing come Fall.


R J Adams said...

Oh, how I sympathize. Our old Illinois town is presently experiencing 90-100 degree heat and high humidity that will last through to October. Quite recently, during an unusually warm/humid spell of weather here in the U.P., I complained to my wife that it was 'just like central Illinois'. Wisely, she turned to me and said, "Ah, but it's just like central Illinois with the air conditioning on."
We have no need of a/c here, we just open the windows.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ UGH!!! We're into the mid to high 90s already here, with more humidity than normal too. A few storms recently have at least damped down the land, so grass fires aren't too likely yet.

Lucky lucky Adamses! All I can do is worship at the altar of the god of air conditioning, while at the same time asking forgiveness for all the polluting power we are bound to use.