Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Astrologers with Natal Sun in Pisces

According to a list at Wikipedia, well-known astrologers of this variety are fewer and farther between than I'd have expected. Pisces characteristics: intuitive, perceptive, humane, sympathetic, sensitive, compassionate seem like excellent components in the toolbox of a working astrologer, on their own, though, not enough to "complete the job".

Two of the three astrologers with Sun in Pisces in Wiki's list are shy about revealing their full birth data. I find that a wee bit odd, considering their profession Or maybe not. Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac and relates to the 12th house in a natal chart - 12th house links to the unconscious, isolation, secret or clandestine matters.

Susan Miller of Astrology Zone reveals only her birth day, 7 March but no year (well, that's a lady's privilege is it not?)

Eric Francis of Planet Waves is even more reticent, his Wikipedia page states only "March", but I do recall from the days when I used to read his writings, that he admitted to having Sun in Pisces.

The third Pisces-type astrologer I found, Manly Palmer Hall was born 18 March 1901 - there's a post in my archives about him, with his natal chart.

All of which leaves me little fodder for a post on Pisces-type astrologers and their natal charts.

I hold to thoughts in the post last month about Aquarius-type astrologers, surmising that a mix of Air and Water = fertile astrological soil to grow astrologers. Where Sun is in a Water sign there will be need for equal emphasis on another element - Air or Fire, probably, in order to mentalise, communicate and/or energise those Watery intuitive traits

When looking down the list of astrologers at Wikipedia, and clicking through to the page for each, I noticed a good number of well known names with Sun in Libra. Libra is adjacent to Scorpio - Libra with Scorpio, (or Cancer or Pisces) emphasised will be just as fertile ground as Gemini with Cancer (or Pisces or Scorpio) emphasised, or Aquarius with Pisces, (or Cancer, or Scorpio) emphasised. Each Air sign has a Water sign nextdoor, as does each Fire sign. Those with natal Sun in an Air or Fire sign often have at least Mercury and/or Venus in that neighbouring Water sign, possibly even Moon or other personal planets too.

(Thanks to Kepler College website for this helpful diagram.)

There are astrologers among Sun in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), of course, but these signs have no Water sign adjacent. I'm wondering whether such astrologers are rare, relying not on adjacent Water signs (for emphasis by Mercury and Venus), but on position of Moon or ascendant, or on a cluster of planets elsewhere. Maybe, as the year unfolds and I continue looking into this an answer will become clear.

Another thought: if an astrologer is to turn his skills into a business, then some Earthy input will be essential - from Capricorn would be ideal, it's the most business oriented of the Earthy trio, but emphasis on any of the three would be of benefit.

PS: Archived posts relating generally to Pisces the zodiac sign can be accessed by clicking on "Pisces" in the Label Cloud at sidebar on the right.


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Have a good trip. Let's hope they've done a really good job on the car.

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Cripes, undeterred, T and her faithful cohort delve deep into Texan territory to reclaim their stalwart steed.
Safe journey!
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Juno said...

Thank for the MPH link - fascinating guy. I used to drive PRS every day when I lived in Hollywood - he was right on about many things, esp the effects of the machine age.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ Thanks RJ. They do seem to have done a good job. Husband says the car drives just as well, if not better, than before. :-)

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Thanks WWW! All went well and the weather was superb for February, which helped a lot considering what it could have been.

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Twilight said...

Juno ~~ Hi! Interesting! Yes, he had that just right!

I like MPH and his work in many ways, but the theosophy link puts me off some parts. Never could countenance that subject. He was "a man of his time" though, and theosophy was all the rage back then, I suppose.