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Adam Weishaupt, German philosopher who is credited with founding (in Bavaria at least) The Order of Illuminati, had Sun, north node of Moon, Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter all in Aquarius between 3 and 17 degrees. Born 6 February 1748. His name comes up frequently in arguments about an alleged New World Order - which I guess is supposed to be brainchild of the successors of the Illuminati. Stated original aims of The Illuminati were to abolish monarchies and ordered governments, abolition of private property and inheritances, abolition of patriotism and nationalism, abolition of family life and the institution of marriage, and the establishment of communal education of children; abolition of all religion. Tall order! Quite Aquarian though! Weishaupt, it appears, was responsible for drawing the Freemasons into the Illuminati mix. These days, NWO seems to me to be more aligned with greed for wealth and power, things I'd not readily equate with the sign Aquarius, whatever its faults.

A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side.
~ Aristotle

Some years ago Jeffrey Kishner wrote about Jack Black in his (then) blog Astrology at the Movies. I posted about JB myself in 2007, quoting from Mr Kishner's piece. Black's birthdate was in question at that time. I came across my archived post and got to wondering whether the confusion over his date of birth had been cleared up in the intervening years. It seems not.

Internet sources give Jack Black's date of birth as either 28 August 1969 or 7 April 1969. Two dates not similar enough to have come about via a slip of someone's pen or typing fingers. The source for the 28 August 1969 date given by Wikipedia is a CBS news programme of 2003. They do not supply a source for their information. I can find no evidence at all from whence the 7 April date came.

Perhaps Jack Black at some point fed false information to the press? In interview he has said that he has no belief in astrology "and all that crap". One source states that Jack Black is a stage name, and he has "long refused to reveal his real name". I'm beginning to wonder whether either of the birth dates available are correct, if Mr Black is so keen to "keep himself to himself"! Who could blame him - really?

Every day we're told that we live in the greatest country on earth. And it's always stated as an undeniable fact: Leos are born between July 23 and August 22, fitted queen-size sheets measure sixty by eighty inches, and America is the greatest country on earth. Having grown up with this in our ears, it's startling to realize that other countries have nationalistic slogans of their own, none of which are 'We're number two!"
~ David Sedaris (from Me Talk Pretty One Day)

Dame Diana Rigg and Natalie Wood were both born on July 20, 1938.

As I may or may not say to the Lord on Judgment Day, "You ask a lot of questions for someone who has so much explaining to do."
~Robert Brault


Jefferson's Guardian said...

Twilight, here's wishing that you, likewise, enjoy your weekend!

Twilight said...

That was spooky - I've just this minute left a comment under yours at Tom Degan's.

Thanks - and back atcha!

Wisewebwoman said...

Keep up the grab-bag there, T, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Yes, Jack Black the mystery man.
and Backatcha on the weekend!!!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Twilight, I'm a firm believer in the human power of telepathic and "sixth-senses", as it were. Animals have these magnificent abilities, I'm convinced, and so do we. Across the ages, our species has masked them as we've relied more and more on our intellect and the power of the brain. So, whether it's "spooky", I'm not so sure.

Here's an amazing video that's making the rounds on the web, sent to me from a friend. It's a message of hope. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or wait until later in the day and settle in with your favorite libation. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Grab Bag: (From GP): Having made some comment recently on this blog about homosexuals, by "accident" I came accross an interesting link (and not because of any sexual preference): presenting: 20th Century Gay Novels.

For whom is interested this might be an interesting link.

To Jefferson's Guardian: your observation about telepathy is more than accurate. I had some mind-shaking experiences in this field. The 6th sense surely exists!

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Glad you liked it!
Good to see your post at Degan's too - small world - even cyberworld ain't THAT big. :-)

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~~ I'm on and off the fence at regular intervals regarding lots of mystical and New Age stuff, J's G.

Sometimes I believe, sometimes I get all skeptical. Telepathy, though, is one area where it's not such a stretch to suppose there's "something" going on.

Thank you for the link. I'll look forward to watching the video, which promises to be something that'll help soothe my politically fevered brow. ;-)

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~~

Hmmm - thanks for the link. I couldn't find the site at first but followed names via Google.
I think the novel in question is "Finistère" by Fritz Peters, who it seems was a student of Gurdjieff (a name I hadn't come across for decades, but one which regularly came up in my early investigations and studies of things mysterious).

Anonymous said...

If a "link were needed", Moon right now at 28 degr. Scorpio, transiting Gurdjieff's Mars and yours... GP

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~~
Relly! Hmmmm. Not quite sure what to make of that. :-)

Gurdjieff doesn't make a lot of sense to me, to be honest, nor does his sidekick Ouspensky. But that's just me. I think one can dig too deep for too long and finish up being throughly misled.