Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thoughts from Gian Paul on Saturday's Shootings

My friend Gian Paul, Swiss-born amateur astrologer, living in Brazil, has sent me his thoughts on the astrology of Saturday's tragic events in Arizona.

I seldom disagree with Gian Paul, but here I must admit to some reservations. My doubts relate to the use of sidereal positions in one chart (the USA 6 July 1775 chart) and tropical positions in another (the 8 January 2011 chart). Sidereal positions, based on the constellations, are currently some 24 degrees behind tropical positions. See Wikipedia for brief explanation. Can one logically claim correlation between them, however tempting this might seem? I wouldn't argue with the use of sidereal positions, especially when considering mundane events, but I'd have thought one must be consistent and take sidereal positions for every chart used in a particular study.

I stand to be corrected, and I admit that there could well be as yet unknown reasons why correlations such as this pop up from time to time.


TUCSON: One more shooting in America, this time a politician got seriously hurt, a judge and several others were killed. It created
quite some turmoil in the media and with politicians and the public
alike, abroad as well.

Astrologically these events are probably the beginning of some much deeper process, hopefully leading to a healthy shock to an otherwise great nation (great by size and some remarkable past achievements -but now running short of fullfilling many expectations).

There are several "natal maps" for the USA circulating. My preferred one is that of July 6, 1775, 11 am. Philadelphia (set in sidereal mode) which time and again has proven to be a very close link to America's destiny.

Points in case:
When Columbus discovered the Americas on Oct. 12 1492, Mercury was at the end of Virgo, on America's Moon. Venus was on America's Jupiter, Neptune on it's Mars and Pluto on Americas Ascendant at 8 degrees Virgo of that horoscope. On May 14, 1948, the day Israel was created, Mars was exactly transiting America's Neptune at 28-29 degrees Leo. There are plenty of other such telling transits. What
often comes to the fore is NEPTUNE.

And again now, with the shootings in Tucson on Jan 8th. Neptune is opposing the natal Neptune of the USA, Pluto is conjunct natal Pluto. Whereas Neptune is by now direct and in it's last transit (last of 3, considering retrogradations) in opposition to itself at 28 degr. Aquarius/Leo, Pluto has already gone completely thru this process
with America's natal Pluto being placed at 4 degr. 08 Capricorn.

At the exact moment Pluto had transited it's own position for good, at the end of Nov. 2010, one can say that the political leadership of the USA in many senses, left or right, were showing a maximum of what citizens would exactly not expect from it's leaders: undecisiveness!

And now Neptune opposing Neptune. All is very confused and confusing. And two of the "questionable political protagonists", Obama the Leo and Palin the Aquarian, are at great pains now, before Neptune will have left the sign of Aquarius (and the opposition to itself at the end of Leo), to "come clean" of any responsibilities in what happened in Tucson.

So far Palin is under greater direct attack, but that may be a temporary "distraction". What the public should realize, is that mere show and promises lead nowhere except to deception. And that is Neptune's speciality, isn't it?


Twilight said...

The one thing I will never disagree on, Gian Paul, is astrological Neptune's role in the USA at present. Fog, confusion, delusion, mystery, secrets....the full set!

The Palin/crosshairs thing was a knee-jerk response from the left side of the spectrum. The vile atmosphere of hate speech issuing on a daily basis from radio speakers by such people as Rush Limbaugh (and there are several similar in the Red (conservative) states) is far more likely to have played some part in what happened - even if not directly. It has stirred the country - or factions of it, into a frenzy recently, and those of delicate mental balance are easily "tipped" over the line by such passionate outbursts of hatred.

We were in a store just last week where the owner had the radio playing quite loudly, and Rush Limbaugh (I think it was he) was pontificating at length in quite ridiculous fashion about Democrats, Obama etc. My jaw literally dropped at the stuff he said. Made me feel quite queasy in fact, because I'd never heard him before.

Anyway - as to the astrology, once we have some birth data it'll be interesting to see whether it corresponds in any way to any of the charts - sidereal or tropical for the USA or for the date of the shootings.

jude cowell said...

Interesing post and comments, everyone. But I have never heard of mixing Tropical and Sidereal analyses together and know of no basis for doing so.


Twilight said...

Jude Cowell ~~~ Hi!I hadn't read of anything along those lines either, Jude.

Gian Paul and I exchanged e-mail on the topic, and one way I found of seeing a way for there to be any connection between the two systems was to look on the sidereal position, around 24 degrees back from tropical, as "a potentially sensitive point" in the tropical chart, when considering transits. I made that idea up and it's probably nonsense - but no worse than some other obscure stuff in astrology. ;-)