Saturday, January 08, 2011

Blogging - Astro and Otherwise.

While searching for something else I came across this piece, The Blogosphere 2.0 written in mid-2009, discussing the way the blogosphere has evolved during the last decade or so. The piece refers mainly to blogs several levels of "ooomph" above my own; the basic points put forward should hold good for any blogger at any level though. Updates were added and, along with comments are all interesting and worth investigation.

I've noticed a distinct change in bloggery out in the wider blog-world, but this hasn't affected astrology bloggers quite as much, which is good. As is mentioned in the linked piece or comments, niche areas seem to be where independent blogging survives best. Astrology is nothing if not "niche"! As my own view of astrology isn't always in line with others, I'm a bit of a niche within a niche, I guess.

Learning Curve on the Ecliptic receives many more hits/visits than I'd expect, often just over or under 1000 per day, but a good percentage of these is accounted for by hits on illustrations or archived posts, rather than on what appears on the current page. If anything I've posted in the past assists anybody out there in their studies or interests, then it's all good! I'll continue to write about aspects of astrology as I see it until I run out of steam. In order to conserve what steam there is available, there might well be some slowing down from time to time.

I don't read as many blogs these days, and I guess other people could be following the same pattern. As a break from astrological matters, to "clear the palate" as it were, I do still like to trawl through a scant handful of the type of blogs I think of as "hit-and-runners", where no great concentration is needed - just a quick look, a chuckle or a hmmmm! or ahhhhh!... and away again....these for example. A couple of them are rather clever marketing ploys (I suspect), but as long as they offer interest or humour - fine!
Quirky bite-sized fun takes on catalogue photography/home decor. (Thanks to
Wisewebwoman for having pointed me towards this one).
I don't know why I find this fascinating, but I do. They take an old photgraph of a movie star/celebrity (male) then find current versions of the exact clothing he's wearing, and where to obtain it today, linking to relevant websites.....just in case some bright spark wants to ape that vintage "certain style".
Another "hit-and-runner" - no long blocks of text to wade through, just pics. In this case photographic portraits from past decades. I enjoy the facility available via links in the sidebar to view the portraits in groups/categories: by nationality, or by relationship, siblings, styles, hair-dos, etc. etc.
I've mentioned this one before. It's the blog of a professional photographer, who shoots real-life fashion as he comes across it in the streets of various cities, on his travels throughout the world.
More to read on this one. Travel by motorctycle in the USA, gorgeous photographs, beautiful words, and a spot of spirituality,


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