Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I guess it's not too surprising to find that acting, or show business in some form, can run in families.

In Britain there are/were (off the top of my head) The Redgraves; James Fox and son Laurence, Edward Woodward and son Tim, Richard Beckinsale and daughter Kate....and I'm sure there are more. In the USA the Bridges family: Lloyd, Beau, Jeff spring to mind first, then Kirk Douglas and son Michael, the Carradines, John, David and Keith - and so on.

There's probably an "acting gene", as well as a bit of nepotism creeping in here and there to assist offspring with a smidgin of inherited talent. But is there any astrological link ? Will it be Leo? That seems the most likely, being sign of the "show-off" (tongue in cheek there).

One US show-biz family I hadn't noticed until this week is the Ritters - Tex, his son John and grandson Jason.

John Ritter, along with several named in the earlier paragraph has, sadly, left us already. Star of the TV sitcom Three's Comapny (a US version of the British-made original Man About the House) died, aged 54 in 2003 just 6 days from his 55th birthday. His father, the singing cowboy Tex had died early too, aged 68 and 10 days before his 69th birthday. Father and son both died of heart-related problems.

Jason Ritter, grandson of Tex is currently starring in the TV series The Event. We've watched this from its pilot and have managed to become more confused by the week. It's annoyingly addictive and frustratingly muddling with its habit of flashbacks coming up seemingly every few minutes.

Anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to look at the three Ritter birth charts to see whether there's any family likeness at all to be seen there. Of course the female input ought to be taken into consideration in a full investigation, so this is going to tell only half of a story. Still, for a line of males, this could be useful. Maybe.

I have time of birth in one case only - John's; the other two charts are set for 12 noon so Moon degree/sign and rising sign are not going to be accurate.

Probably clearest if done by list. (Note: this is to point out similarities and links only - not to interpret their personalities.)

All 3 Suns in 3rd decan of their signs (not sure if of significance or not).

Tex and son John's Suns are in trine in Earth signs - 29 Capricorn, 24 Virgo.

All 3 men have Moon in a Water sign whatever their times of birth. Tex's Moon would be in Cancer irrespective of birth time, John's and Jason's were both in Pisces.

Tex and John both have Mars in Scorpio at 2 degrees and 9 degrees.

Tex and John have Jupiters in (Fire) trine 22 Aries/20 Sagittarius.

John and Jason have Venus in (Fire) trine at 9 Leo and 9 Aries.

Jason has 3 planets in Virgo (Jupiter/Mars/Saturn) with Saturn conjoining his father's Virgo Sun. His own Aquarius Sun at 28 degrees is close to his grandfather Tex's Saturn at 20 Aquarius.

There's not a lot of show-bizzy sign Leo to the fore except in John's case. He had Venus and Saturn there, and generational Pluto. So my guess about Leo providing a link was wrong. That was a plan that didn't "come together". Still there are some definite familial links.


Wisewebwoman said...

Tex Ritter singing the theme song for High Noon will always be with me, T, never have a song and movie meshed with each other so successfully, I must have watched it, oh, 20 times, and it never fails to run a finger down my spine.
As to John, I always liked him, there was something about the eternal child in him that I could see.
I might be totally out in left field here as i don't know him from a hole in the ground.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ It's a long time since I saw "High Noon", but I do recall that theme song, didn't realise Tex had been the singer. I don't have much clear memory of Tex Ritter though his name still is very familiar - Roy Rogers was the movie cowboy given most exposure and publicity in England I think.

I saw a few re-run episodes of 3's a Crowd and found John an attractive character, rather similar to Richard O'Sullivan who played in the British original, Of the 3 ritter guys he was probably the most charismatic (at a guess).

As for Jason - it remains to be seen. He'll need a better vehicle that "The Event" to show off his talent though.

Anonymous said...
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Cosmic help said...

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Vanilla Rose said...

I think there was a mention of John Ritter in one of the behind-the-scenes "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" books I have at home. If memory serves, a member of the crew said he had been valliant at putting so much energy into a fight scene despite having 'flu'. And he neatly returned the cushion pads he had worn for the scene, rather than just discarding them.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~~ Thanks for that input. It seems that he really WAS the nice guy he projected in
"3s-a-Crowd" then. :-)