Thursday, November 04, 2010

Astrologer's Wise Words

One never has to go far to find wise words from this author.

From Chapter 8 of Essays on Astrology (1982) by astrologer Robert Hand ~
There are rhythms in human development, rhythms that weave in and out of each other, sometimes working together to reinforce each other, sometimes working against each other. Astrologers have long known about these rhythms, for that is the central study of astrology: the relation between the rhythms of human development and cycles of the heavens. Astrology is nothing more than this. It is not an effort to chart Fate or to describe an individual's immutable destiny. Astrology teaches that every individual is a creature of the cosmos and reflects its cycles. These cycles in turn affect the probabilities of different kinds of experience happening within an individual's life at various times.


the anonymous blonde trickster said...
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Shawn Carson said...

i picked this book up at a used bookstore a few years back and i enjoyed the chapter on symbols of father and mother in the natal horoscope. he helped me to realize that i likely have both a father and a mother complex!

Twilight said...

Shawn Carson ~~~ Hmmmm - it's sometimes disconcerting to discover such possibilities. It's a bit like reading medical books and realising one is at death's door from an obscure illness.

Although I respect what most astrologers write, and especially Robert Hand, I do tend to keep a tame cynic tied up at the back of my mind to avoid becoming overly paranoid ;-) .