Friday, October 22, 2010

Arty Farty Friday ~ Jenny Holzer

I found Jenny Holzer in a list of 21st century artists and investigated further. Aha! I thought, if this lady doesn't have Uranus - or Aquarius - or both strongly emphasised, I'll eat my hat!

Her art style is classed as "conceptualist", though it's a close cousin to Dadaism. Much of her work wouldn't have been technologically possible for the original early 20th century proponents of Dada, but I'd take a bet that they'd have followed her example had the means been available.

Ms Holzer links text and image in works composed of what she calls "truisms" - short aphorisms or longer declarations. These are contained in printed or engraved signs, LED (light emitting diode) word sculptures, a massive electronic billboard in Times Square, metal plaques, carved granite benches, and more mundanely on headgear, tee-shirts and bumper stickers. Holzer's artistic slogans have addressed sexism, environmental questions, AIDS, and other political and social issues. A couple of her popular truisms: 'Abuse of power comes as no surprise' and 'There is a fine line between information and propaganda'.

As part of her ‘For The City’ programme, Ms Holzer has travelled around cities (eg London, New York, Washington) projecting lines from well-loved poets onto the urban canvasses of each city’s buildings and monuments.

Jenny Holzer was born on 29 July 1950 in Gallipolis, Ohio. A 12 noon chart must suffice as no time of birth is available. Will there be, as I strongly suspect, some emphasis on Aquarius/Uranus?

Let's see.

No need to go into great detail - it's clear as crystal! Moon in socially conscious Aquarius, somewhere between 5 and 19 degrees, depending on time of birth; also Venus (the arts) conjunct Uranus (avant garde, technology, electricity). Ms Holzer's natal Leo Sun and Mercury connect to her need for a huge platform or stage upon which to display her works.....underlined by Jupiter (the expansive) in harmonious trine to the Venus/Uranus conjunction.

Done, and done!!

Some examples of Jenny Holzer's artwork

IN LONDON (more from that city HERE)


Wisewebwoman said...

she is amazing, T. Thanks for the showcase.

libramoon said...

upcoming issue of Emerging Visions visionary art 'zine:

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If you are interested, the link to the Submissions Guidelines is near the top of the "Contributors' Page" --

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Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Glad you liked....and yes she's quite the innovator.

Twilight said...

libramoon ~~ Thanks for the link.