Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zodiac Sign Aries

The Sun moves into zodiac sign Aries today. This is a sign I ought to feel more at home writing about, it's the only zodiac sign in which I have more than one planet natally. Moon and Saturn were both in Aries when I was born. In addition, my husband has Sun in Aries, and I've worked closely, for long periods with at least three people who had Sun in Aries.

People born when the Sun was in this sign are not the only mortals to display traits associated with it; conversely, every person born with Sun in Aries will not display all its traditionally accepted traits - on occasion these might all be overcome by other strong planetary placements. Moon, rising degree, or a cluster of personal planets in Aries could bring forth a personality far more typical of the sign than one with just Sun in Aries.

With that proviso in mind, I'll copy a paragraph from an old book, published 1934: Student Chart Reader of Horoscope Indications by astrologer Llewellyn George. Old books such as this can often manage to hit the nail on the head succinctly, without a lot of the fluff and esoteric frills with which some later authors have tended to embellish their writings.
In Aries the Sun gives much mental energy and quick wit. Natives of this sign are natural leaders, more or less headstrong or impulsive, ambitious, full of enterprise and new ideas. They do not like to be under the direction of a master and are inclined to be fiery and quick-tempered, quick to resent abuse or imposition but forgiving and do not hold a grudge long. Their great love of freedom and justice, coupled with their enthusiasm and self-will makes them liable to go to extremes through indignation, hasty speech or lack of discretion. They possess penetrating will-power, are persistent, determined and not easily discouraged. Are philosophical by nature, admire scientific thought, and are at their best when at the head of things, such as director, instructor, superintendent or manager.

I can relate, to varying extent, to all of that. I'm not sure that "philosophical by nature" is often attributed to Aries though. I'd have thought it more connected to Sagittarius, and perhaps Aquarius. Aries, ruling planet Mars, is a wee bit too fast and furious to stop and ponder upon the meaning of life for long at a time! I wonder what Mr. George had in mind with that? There doesn't seem to be any connection to philosophy from a Fixed Star in the area the sign covers. Ah well, perhaps he'd observed it from acquaintances with strong Aries content in their natal charts.

Blog will now be on hold for a few days. We are about to cash in a handful of rainchecks gathered for postponement of treats due to inclement weather at Christmas, New Year, my birthday, and Valentine's day. My husband's birthday is coming up, and surprise surprise - a new winter storm arrived in Oklahoma yesterday...not quite on time to spoil another arrangement though. We shall brave what's left of it this time and just go.....somewhere.


Wisewebwoman said...

Have a lovely time, T. you deserve a good getaway after such a winter, I always look forward to your trip reports!
My daughter fits the Arier summary to a T so I am forwarding it to her.

anthonynorth said...

As an Aries, I fully concur :-)

R J Adams said...

Enjoy the break.

Anonymous said...

In answer to a comment last year on Michael Parkes: he was born October 12, 1944 in southern Missouri

Twilight said...

WWW, anthonynorth, RJ Adams ~~~

Thanks to all!

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ Oh many thanks for the information. I'll resurrect and edit my old post on Parkes perhaps for next Friday, and take a look at his natal chart. :-)