Saturday, March 06, 2010

Another US Radical ~ Saul Alinsky

Some writers and commentators who lean right-ward politically used to offer it as A Bad Thing that President Obama (and Hillary Clinton) were once inspired and influenced by the views and writings of Saul Alinsky. From what I've gleaned about Mr Alinsky's views, I see it as a great pity that Clinton and Obama weren't even more deeply influenced by them than now appears to be the case.

When I read and post about US radicals of yesteryear: John Reed, Abbie Hoffman and Alinsky, I'm inwardly yelling, "Where are their counterparts now, when this country, soured by the greed of corporations, badly in need of a fresh direction, needs 'em?"

From Who2Biographies
Tough, pragmatic and a lover of humanity, Saul Alinsky pioneered a method of helping poor and working-class people organize themselves to improve their communities. Combining urban social theories he had learned at the University of Chicago with street smarts he had earned growing up in that city's Jewish ghetto, Alinsky first worked in prisons and as a juvenile delinquency researcher. Then, starting in crime-ridden Chicago neighborhoods in the late 1930s, he helped unions, churches and other social groups unite and win everything from jobs to streetlights and garbage collection. He would immerse himself in the neighborhood, listen to ordinary people's troubles and needs, assess where power lay, and empower previously divided groups to seek common goals by standing up to government and corporate machines. With financial backing from department-store heir Marshall Field III, he established the Industrial Areas Foundation, which helped him extend his work to several U.S. cities. He had little patience for militants, Communists or dreamy liberals, saying he was a community organizer because he believed in American democracy and because "I can't stand to see people pushed around."

Ironically - very ironically - factions on the far right of US politics now seem to have started following Alinsky's Rules for Radicals themselves in organising their so-called Tea Party movement. ("Can the Right Imitate Saul Alinsky?")

I'm interested to look at Saul Alinsky's natal chart. He was born in Chicago on 30 January 1909. I can find no time of birth for him so a 12 noon chart has to suffice. Rising sign and Moon degree will not be accurate.

Woweee! Now here's a chart that fits like a glove! Sun and Mercury in intellectually-driven Aquarius; but more significant is rebellious, revolutionary Uranus tightly conjunct Venus, in pragmatic Capricorn.

Natal Sun sextiles business-like Saturn in go-getting Aries on one side and energetic Mars in expansive Sagittarius on the other.

Unless born in the very first minutes of 30 January Moon would have been in communicative Gemini, somewhere between 1 and 12 degrees, and quite likely in harmonious trine to his Aquarius Sun.

I'd say that little lot is a recipe for exactly what manifested in Saul Alinsky.


Anon said...

Well, let me tell you that Obama inspired even too few to Saul Alinsky, and that Tea Party movement has been colonized by Republican Right wing, so, even if they may imitate the methods of Alisnky, there is a true abyss between Tea Party movement and Alisnky.
The real point is that all those people of today have neither the pale idea of what ideology is...
Too much time under mental dictatorship of neoliberism and neocons left heavy traces, notwithstanding any good will showed and that it is recognisable...
Many things about this passage of Uranus in Aries happened to me to be read: Well, if energye does not find a good focus, it expresses negatively, inevitably. Let us never forget that Uranus in Aries characterized also the period of Nazism...

Twilight said...

Anon ~~~ Hi! Oh yes, I agree, that the Tea Party may have used something like Alinsky's "Rules" to get off the ground, but the views they hold are diametrically opposed the views he would have wanted put forward.

Let us hope very sincerely that Uranus in Aries DOES find a good focus - in time to avoid disaster.