Sunday, August 23, 2009


The movie "Across the Universe" - a story written around, and drawing in, many of the Beatles' songs spawned a similar movie, which actually originated on stage, and centers around the songs of Abba: "Mamma Mia". I recently read that there's another, initially stage-bound show in the same genre coming soon:
"American musical theater's latest collaborators – Twyla Tharp and Frank Sinatra.......Atlanta's Alliance Theatre says it will present "Come Fly With Me" – a new musical conceived, directed and choreographed by Tharp. The show, which concerns four couples who fall in and out of love, uses more than a dozen classic Sinatra vocals backed by an on-stage 17-piece band." (Here.)
How long, I wonder, before that one hits the silver screen? I'll be waiting! I wonder, too, if this type of movie/show is something we'll be seeing more of. I can imagine stories being written around the songs of Simon & Garfunkel, Beach Boys, Neil Diamond.....and several others.

The BBC published a list of 100 of the the nations best-loved novels. I'm not an avid novel reader these days, but was surprised to note that I'd read about one fifth of them.

I wonder how a list of the USA's favourite novels would match up? I suspect quite a few would appear in both lists, "Little Women" and "The Grapes of Wrath" for instance.

Brian May's website and blog often has interesting input - click on "Brian's Soapbox" for the blog proper. He had something to say about the asteroid impact on Jupiter recently. (PS: Don't forget that he's an astrophysicist as well as an ace guitarist.)
Brian's opinion of astrology might leave a lot to be desired, but his views on guns are spot on ! See his entry of 20 August about the song "Put Out the Fire".

Lastly, a website where handmade items of all kinds can be bought and sold:ETSY.
More about it at Wikipedia, here.


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I do so love Etsy, T, been browsing there since beginning.
As to musicals, funny that, as a class exercise I wrote a musical treatment of the songs of Three Dog Night. Any chance I can make a million with it?

anthonynorth said...

I checked out the BBC's 100. I think a good third are there simply because of contemporary leanings. Take them out and I must have read a good 80%.
I'll have to check out the guitar god's website :-)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Ooooh! Well, the idea seems to be catching on, so now's the time. What's that saying...."If not now - when?"
:-D Or get some locals together and stage it yourself.....?

Twilight said...

Anthonynorth ~~~ All the ones I'd read were the oldies and goodies.
I've probably read them more than once too, and would read them again - sign of a classic. :-)

R J Adams said...

Brian May has always been one of my favorite musicians. I never realized he had a blog - very interesting.

Twilight said...

R J Adams ~~~ Me neither - I stumbled across it in a roundabout way. :-)