Sunday, August 09, 2009


I'm not a religious person, but custom and practice through the years has imprinted the idea that Sunday ought to be "different". With this in mind, why not a series of Sunday blogs which veer away from emphasis on astrology?

"Sunday Supplement" is a well-used title in newspaper circles; I'm borrowing it for a weekly blog post which "supplements" day-to-day stuff with a slightly wider view of the world - wouldn't want to become myopic, the Aquarius in me rebels against that.

Most Sundays I'll simply recommend a blog which doesn't already appear in my sidebar links, and doesn't relate to astrology, though which might be of general interest to astrology buffs. Occasionally I might ramble on, briefly or at length, about something, anything.

Today - a blog recommendation. I've been reading this one for some months now. I've never left a comment there because the blog is really written for people in the selling trade - people who need to pitch their ideas or products.

"Depth Perception", written by Kevin Jackson, VP of a Sales and Marketing outfit.

I've been surprised how interesting Mr. Jackson's fairly brief posts have proved. Sales as a career was never my thing - not by miles, yet as in sales, so in life in general. The pointers and mild advice Mr. Jackson comes up with on 5 days each week can almost always be applied to life in general, not just to success in sales of products. I find his advice far less irritating, patronising and fluffy than that of some guru-types and advice-for-life authors.

Mr. Jackson's post for last Thursday"Don't Order the Soup" is a good example of his style.


anyjazz said...

Excellent. Let's see now. Who can I send this to ...?

Twilight said...

Anyjazz ~~~ return to sender, you hint? Won't work sweetie - I tried the soup and in a new country too - and lived to tell the tale (just!)

anthonynorth said...

A good idea for your post. I've taken a look and I like his style. But like you, I'm not one for the marketing angle.

Twilight said...

Anthonynorth ~~~ Some of his posts concentrate more on marketing than others, but in general they can be read minus any thought of "making a pitch". :-)