Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Covering 22 July to 22 August(ish) - can change a wee bit from year to year. What does the zodiac sign of Leo say to us? Keywords springing immediately to my mind are: limelight-loving, outgoing, fun-loving, sociable, warm, show-biz, the two 'o's: ostentation and opulence, leadership, kingly bearing.

Naturally, every keyword doesn't apply every time a planet or sensitive point in a natal chart sits in Leo's throneroom. When the Sun lies in Leo it's at home, and unless there's a slew of planets nextdoor in Cancer, damping things down, or in Virgo's straitjacket on the other side, I guess the Leo Sun person will almost always demonstrate, at the very least, one of the above traits.

I've met few Leo Suns in my time - a couple of guy friends I recall, back in the 1960s, in Devonshire, the English south-western riviera. One had clear Leo tendencies - he wasn't wealthy - far from it, but he made it his business to have a flashy Jaguar car to make a good impression. Onlookers probably never guessed that the back seats were supported by a couple of old soda crates, and various other bits and pieces of the interior had seen much better days. He started his own business, a one-man affair which hadn't truly taken off at the time I knew him. He had dreams of building a lovely house on a Devon cliff-top, took me to see the site he wanted to buy. He was a sweet dreamer. I often wonder how things turned out for him.

The other Sun in Leo guy friend I met, around a year later, was a very different character. He was the foster son of a couple of elderly spinsters who ran a small boarding house where I stayed when attending an interview in the same town. I got the job, and later the son befriended me. He was neither outgoing, nor particularly warm. No aim to be successful. He had, I think, been worn down by life with the two ladies. I tried hard to like him, but didn't succeed. Several years later after I'd been away from the area and returned for some reason, I happened upon one of the ladies from that boarding house. She told me that her foster son had commited suicide some months ago. That was a shock - and so very un-Leo-like! I don't know his chart other than his birthday - 27 July - so can't say what other unfortunate placements might have added to his obviously distressing situation. I suspect he might have had just the Sun in Leo with small groups of personal planets in both Cancer and Virgo - but that's a wild guess.

Those two guys, birthdays 27 and 28 July and a cousin of mine, also born 28 July are the only Sun Leos I recall, apart from my paternal grandfather, and (I think) my paternal grandmother who were both Sun Leos. With 10 children of their own to raise, as well as bringing up at least 3 others, they didn't have much chance to be ostentatious! My grandfather was quite amazing. He used to sew clothes for all the kids - taught himself how to do it. He also used to go around collecting old broken clocks then, via mixing and matching parts, he'd get them working. After serving in the First World War he became a postman for the rest of his working life. His name was Edward but people called him Moses or Isaac - nobody seemed to know why, not even my Dad, his eldest son.

I mustn't forget Himself now - my husband - who has Leo rising and Moon in Leo. I really do struggle to identify any strong Leo traits in him. He was in management, before retirement - there's one. He ain't in the least ostentatious or opulent, nor does he crave the limelight (quite the opposite). Kingly bearing? Nope. Fun-loving - yes, he is. He adores cartoon in film and in newspapers. Loves slapstick humor, and in fact, all humor, loves to laugh. A favourite thing to do, for him, in antique shops is to try on old hats, the more outlandish the better, and take his own photograph in a nearby mirror (while I try to pretend I don't know him!) I put his hat fetish down to his Aries Sun, by the way - Aries rules the head. I have to say he's a wee bit of a music snob at times, but kindly with it. Snobbery, of any kind, might be one of Leo's shadow sides.

Me? Natally, all I have in Leo is Pluto, along with trillions of other mortals, but it does fall in First House of self. I suppose I'm a wee bit Leo-like in my tendency to always crave the best quality (and most expensive) of almost anything. Craving doesn't necessarily bring me satisfaction though, 'cos I don't have Leo $$$$. "Champagne taste and beer money" was how my mother oft described her only daughter.


R J Adams said...

An interesting smidgen of 'Twilight history'. I've just been catching up on nine other of your postings, previously unread due to vacation. Fascinating!

Twilight said...

Welcome back to blogworld, RJ. You were missed. Thank you for taking time to backtrack on LCOTE.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I so love to read about myself, T. LOL.
Ostentatious I am not, I don't think, though I do love the limelight and comfort but most of my clothes are donated to me by a wealthy friend or shopped for in Goodwill. My car is tiny, finer things in life to me would be music, books, movies, loads of wool, friends in for dinner, conversation, hikes.
Great post...me, me, me......LOL

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ well, you ticked one box (limelight loving). :-)
I've just had a quick peek at your chart and note two personal planets in Virgo - there's your thrifty Goodwill shopping (I do it too, regularly!)
I noticed again, too, that your Moon is exactly conjunct my natal Jupiter. Funny how our astrological stuff sends us gravitating towards like astrological stuff - across the vastness of cyber space ain't it?

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh if we ever meet up it will have to be at Goodwill!!!!
I just love the joint, I often bring in more than I take out but the best fun in the world for a few bucks!!

anthonynorth said...

Out of the people I've known who I'd known their signs, I can recall very few Leos. I'm wondering if a lot of people in west tried to plan pregnancies so they weren't near full time in the Summer heat?

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ that's something I hadn't ever considered. Could be....could be!

A well repsected British astrologer of 20th century, C.E.O. Carter said in one of his books (I can't find the reference to quote) that in England there's a preponderance of births with Cancer rising, and he gave a reason for this, which I can't recall, but it was based on location, longitude/latitude etc I think. I'll keep looking because it's an interesting point.

Rossa said...

Only just caught up with this post. Fascinating as my Dad is also a Leo Sun and his birthday also 27 July. Just had his 77th. Opposite my Sun in Aquarius.

Unfortunately he's not long for this world as he has chronic heart failure which seems to have a genetic component as his sister, 3 years younger, has also got it. One for us to watch.

He's "King" of his own domain in so many ways, a loner who's happy in his own company but also very funny and charming in company. Ran his own businesses for years but never made a load of money. A bit like your friend Twilight. At one time he had an Aston Martin though we weren't wealthy by any means. It was his pride and joy for 8 years in the 70s.

He remembers every car/vehicle he's ever driven and has story to tell about every one. That's another trait, he's a good storyteller and always told my sister and I a made up bedtime story about a teddy bear and rocking horse and their adventures together.

A true sensitive creative type with a bit of the mad inventor thrown into the mix. My best friend and yes I'm a true Daddy's girl. I will miss him sorely but am very grateful to have had him for 50 years.

Off to cook a Roast Chicken dinner now and raise a glass to the main man in my life! Thanks for the info on other Leos you know. With the final eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius series next week it is an interesting time for all under that influence.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Oh, I'm so sorry to read about your Dad's failing health.
I still recall the anguish I felt over losing my own Dad in 1992.
But memories of good times do stay much fresher and for longer, than the painful ones - that's a big plus.

It's interesting that you have the Leo/Aquarius family axis. The same thread runs through my Dad's side of the family - I have several uncles and cousins who are one or the other.

Funny about the Aston Martin too!
The friend I mentioned had owned a Bentley just before I met him, and it was his ambition to own a Daimler - but a new one instead of the rather well-worn but classy specimens he'd managed thus far. ("Well-worn but classy" lol - nope that didn't describe me in those days - I was young and fairly foolish. Nowadays I might lay claim to at least half of that description). :-D