Thursday, July 23, 2009


This will be my last post for a few days - we're going to Tulsa to see the American Idol concert at the BOK Center. We plan to spend an extra day, or maybe two in the city. There's a jazz museum to be investigated, some nice art deco architecture to gaze upon; who knows what else!

The concert will be our main focus. I know that American Idol isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the show did, for us, brighten TV schedules throughout the winter and spring. I've always been keen on musical talent shows, and seem to have infected the husband with my own enthusiasm, to some extent.

The concert tour features the top ten Idol contestants from this season's show.
Sun sign line-up is as follows: 1 Aries; 3 Taurus; 1 Gemini(cusp); 1 Cancer(cusp); 1 Leo; 1 Libra; 1 Sagittarius(cusp); 1 Aquarius. (No Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio or Virgo). There's an oil rig worker, a welder, a couple of young mothers, a couple of students, a 17-year old gal, a former church music director, a visually impaired guy, and a singer who cut his performance teeth in musical theater. For some of these, their lives will never be the same again; all will have some amazing memories to treasure.

According to reports of the 12 concerts so far held, on the west coast and into Texas via Arizona, the last-mentioned musical theater guy is stealing the show. This comes as no surprise. Adam Lambert(Aquarius Sun/Aries Moon/Libra Rising) has had the celestial support of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in his Sun sign for past weeks and months. He's heading for super-stardom - I'd bet on it. Whether this will come largely from recording, TV, movies or concert tours or a combination of all, it's hard to say as yet. A tidbit of information I picked up this week is that Adam's voice may be featured in the soundtrack of the upcoming movie 2012, due for release in November(see here).

I'll be back on the blog in a few days, but in the meantime might manage the occasional tweet on TWITTER.

A sample of Adam Lambert's performance. Videos made by fans at the concerts.

"STARLIGHT" (a Muse song)

AND Adam Lambert's homage to David Bowie in a medley (Life on Mars/Fame/Let's Dance)

There's a brief report on the concert at my other blog "The Rest of It", and below is a compilation of my husband's shots - taken from 17 rows back from the stage, so they are not as sharp as we'd have liked. Click on "FULL SCREEN" for best view. (The background music is something called "Prevailing Winds" fromFreeplay Music's site - royalty free, please note, Mr. Copyright Detective!)


Shawn Carson said...

allison was on a late nite talk show, i think, recently and performed Barracuda, by Heart. i enjoyed the show, even if she was a little manic. the band behind her was very strong and i think she has a chance to become a compelling performer.

Wisewebwoman said...

Have a lovely time, T, my dear and enjoy yourself. I always love hearing about your travels on your return.
PS I love the Erte Leo symbol on your sidebar...

Laura said...

You're so lucky! How was it? How was Kris?

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ I missed that (we were in the middle of watching a movie, I think). Yes, at only 17 she has many years ahead in which to hone her craft and style, which is already amazingly mature. :-)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Thanks - it was an experience I'm glad of - not the ideal way to hear and see someone you especially like though. It's all in the atmosphere. I do prefer a more intimate setting, or smaller venue to be honest.

Twilight said...

Laura ~~~ It was fun - sound not the best from where we sat though.

Kris rocked the house - he had a lot of fans in Tulsa - his welcome and accompanying screams easily equalled those of Adam's fans.

Because the sound was kind of echo-y for me, I prefer hearing Kris on cd or TV. Same for all the Idols.

It was a memorable experience.
My husband is preparing a slideshow of pics which I'll add to the above post later. :-)

anyjazz said...

This is a fine accounting of our American Idol trip. Let's do it again!

Twilight said...

Anyjazz ~~ Not sure if I want to do the exact same thing again. I crave some good musical entertainment in a comfortable, intimate venue, preferably with alcohol present. ;-)
So where next?

Robert Phoenix said...

Ha, you're tweeting now! I'm missing your softly progressive voice on my comments from time-to-time. And what the hell happened to you Shawn? You used to comment all the time. On second thought Twiight, maybe you shoud stay away. I need to keep a few readers to give me the sense that I'm actually doing something.


Twilight said...

Robert Phoenix ~~ Hi Robert!
I feel awkward when I disagree with you all the time on - your own blog, it seems rude to do it more than on the odd occasion. ;-0

But...."I'll be back..." :-)