Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Week That Was

Keith Olbermann announced that a fellow presenter, Ed Schultz (below, right) also born 27 January, like himself, has joined MSNBC's early evening news programme line-up. Both he and Olbermann were previously sports commentators. I'd like to be able to say that Aquarius, at 27 January, breeds leftwing political folk with a love of sport. But I was born on that day too. I'm interested in left-wing politics, but sport was always a big blind spot for me.

Chief Justice John Roberts was also born 27 January, by the way. He's almost certainly right wing politically, whether he's a sporty type remains a mystery.

There was a bit of tut-tutting, among the more strait-laced protocol upholders, about the photograph of Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth II with, fleetingly, arms around each other. It's reported that they seemed to get on well. That's not surprising, thought I - one lady with Capricorn Sun, othe other with Taurus Sun - two Earthy ladies. It was refreshing to see someone unafraid to demonstrate affection towards a monarch who is often thought of as unapproachable.

And as for idiot criticisms of what Michelle Obama wore to the palace (e.g. "You don't go to meet the queen wearing a sweater"), or what she chooses to wear at any time - exactly who gives anybody the right to tell anybody else what to wear? In any case, I'd be very surprised if Buckingham Place officials and advisors hadn't been in touch with the First Lady's advisors with pointers as to the type of meeting it would be, and how formal or informal, just so as to avoid embarrassment on either side. Apparently the meeting was very informal - an invitation to share afternoon tea with the queen, who was herself informally dressed in a pink frock. Of course, nothing ever pleases the fashion police. I bet Michelle Obama has a good laugh at it all, if she ever reads some of the drivel written about her choice of clothes.

Bob Geldof had a few words to say about the G20 meeting in London this week. He speaks much sense. His natal chart and biography are at Astrodatabank here.
There's a discussion about the chart on an forum here

In a nutshell he's a blend of Libra diplomacy and charm, Sagittarian philosophy and Virgo discernment, with a dynmic opposition between his cluster of Libra planets and Jupiter in Aries which I suspect is the main driving force which spurs him on to his good works, and prevents him from being simply a charming academic or run-of-the-mill musician.

See a brief interview at G20 below.

A Broadway revival of "Hair" opened this week. The show presented in Central Park last summer now moves to an indoor stage. Hair has perennial appeal, and remains relevant more than 40 years after its original showing. Uranus and Neptune currently semi-sextile (30*) in Pisces and Aquarius, and in mutual reception (in each other's home signs) probably offer a suitable asto-atmosphere for the hippie musical. A harmonious blend of radical opinion and mystical creativity seems just about right !


Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for a very rich post, T. I particularly enjoyed Bob's interview.
I wish he was listened to, though!

R J Adams said...

I grow heartily sick of right-wing US media criticizing the dress sense of Michelle Obama. Usually, the worst critics are female announcers on cable news channels who have about as much idea of fashion sense as a centipede at the Ugly Bug Ball.

Rossa said...

Well most women I know thought that MO looked fine as she was. A natural woman, not as "buttoned up" as some of the British politicians' wives can be. She got a fabulous response from the teenagers at the Academy she visited and overall we think she's great. Her speech to the girls was very inspirational, just what they need to know, that a woman can achieve whatever she wants if she's prepared to put the effort in.

Was fun to see Carla Bruni's nose out of joint though when the Obamas went to Strasbourg. She (CB) didn't come to London supposedly because she "didn't want to overshadow the G20 and the Obamas visit" Ho hum, her body language said it all when she finally met MO. Totally eclipsed and outclassed.

Anyway most fashion critics seem to think the only way to earn their keep or keep their jobs is to be critical of everything. Jill Public takes no notice.

What really gets me livid is their pompous statements that women over 50 shouldn't have long hair....'cuse me. I'll have long hair as long as it suits me to and no-one will tell me otherwise. I thought the whole point of being a more mature woman (well some of the time) is that I can choose how I look to suit myself.

Off to do the gardening...supposed to be the middle aged woman's answer to no where did I leave that dratted soapbox...see memory shot to pieces as

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Me too! :-) He should get into politics, but probably thinks it's all too toxic (as Al Gore has said).


RJ ~~~ Agreed. Those TV announcers all remind me of Lady Penelope in "Thunderbirds" (remember her?)


Rossa ~~~ Hi! I see it the same way. I liked that Michelle Obama gets away from the ubiquitous sheath dress sometimes, especially when there's going to be lots of sitting down. I don't care how good a gal's legs are, sitting on low seats wearing a tight sheath dress is just not flattering, nor comfortable, and it could be embarrassing.

I thought she looked great all the time - as did Carla Bruni, they both stood out from the crowd of other First Ladies. But I rather liked the fact that Gordon Brown's wife just wore what she felt like wearing and didn't try to compete or look glam in any way - I like that almost better than anything.
Most of the other ladies did the same - so good for all of 'em.
:-) And good for you and your long hair ! Enjoy your gardening! ;-)

anthonynorth said...

From Saint Bob to meeting the Queen, an enjoyable post. I notice Obama didn't put his arms round Prince Philip, though.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Glad you liked it. Yes, he's not really a hugging type is he? By the way, didn't he seem to have lost a lot of height! I remember him as at least 6ft tall.