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I read recently in our local newspaper that Halliburton have started laying-off employees. It seems that no company is immune from current financial problems - even this giant. Digging around in the archive files I came across my February 2007 post about Halliburton. I've wiped away a few cobwebs, added chart and photograph of the man himself, and now give it a re-airing:


What follows is the result of a walk in the park on a sunny winter's afternoon. I stopped for a photograph by a statue, and thereby hangs a tale!

Halliburton is a dirty word these days. Not many can find a good thing to say about the company, perhaps for very good reason. It was not always so though, and nowhere is it more apparent than in this small Oklahoma town where Erle P. Halliburton established the headquarters of his first company in 1919.

One of the inscriptions on his statue (left) reads:

"Erected 1993, in memory of a man who left an indelible impression on Duncan and Stephens County. He touched the lives of many people, no only as the county’s largest employer, but as a perpetually inquisitive person whose technical inspirations became legends in the oil industry around the world. His deep and abiding concern for the welfare of the people of this area and is remembered fondly."

Erle P. Halliburton was born in Henning, Tennessee on 22 September 1892. (No time of birth known, chart below set for 12 noon).

Sun conjunct Saturn may account for many of the characteristics highlighted in the extract which follows. It's said that this conjunction can indicate the "self-made man" who has succeeded through sheer hard work and determination." An abundance of Air and positive polarity in his chart endowed him with an agile mind - quick in thought, determined in action. There's a Grand Trine in Air linking Sun/Saturn in Libra to Mars in Aquarius to Neptune/Pluto in Libra. These Airy and helpful links emphasise Mr. Halliburton's innate intelligence, inventive talent, and ease in dealing with all things intellectual.

The chart also likely contains a "Mystic Rectangle" - a configuration consisting of two oppositions Mars/Venus and Moon/Jupiter (depending on time of birth) with trines and sextiles joining these Air and Fire planets.

Kevin B.Burk, astrologer, says this about mystic rectangle configurations:
"Once an individual has integrated a Mystic Rectangle, it represents a core of strength for them, and a solid foundation that can be a great gift in handling whatever else life throws at them."

The generational Pluto/Neptune in Gemini conjunction is a part of the Air Grand Trine mentioned above, Neptune is connected, astrologically, to oil - very fitting!

A short extract follows. It comes from Dan Briody's book "The Halliburton Agenda: The Politics of Oil and Money" The passages highlighted in red relate rather well to the astrological factors I've mentioned above.

"Before there was a $13 billion company, before the World Wars and the Texas oil boom, before there were pet presidents and vice presidents, campaign contributions and gov ernment contracts, union busting and sanction dodging, there was simply a man, fiercely struggling to escape poverty, doggedly pursuing his piece of America's manifest destiny. At the time of his birth, September 22, 1892, in a small farming town on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, the name Erle Palmer Halliburton stirred no national emotion. It held no political intrigue. It had no impact on government or business. It was only the name of one of five sons of Edwin Gray Halliburton, an anonymous jack-of-all-trades, who would not live to see Erle's thirteenth birthday. Halliburton, as a name, meant virtually nothing to anyone outside of Henning, Tennessee. But Erle Halliburton was determined to change all of that.

As a young boy, Erle Halliburton showed a natural inclinaion toward mechanics, often dismantling and reassembling devices for pure recreation. While boys his age in Henning were playing with toy trucks in sand boxes, Erle was tinkering with gears and repairing simple machines. His curiosity drove him to understand how things worked. He was an excellent student, completing both elementary and high school courses over an eight-year span by age fourteen. Yet, even then, Erle Halliburton was uninterested in the idle trappings of youth. In what would become one of his trademark characteristics, he was intensely focused on higher aims.

After his father passed away in 1904, the Halliburton family was left with little money and even less opportunity. Two years later, hopelessly impoverished at age fourteen, Erle decided it was time he left home and pursued his fortunes elsewhere.

Diminutive in stature at just 5 foot 5 inches, the future of the Halliburton clan was resting on Erle's narrow shoulders, the new man of the house. But he brimmed with confidence, promising his family he would not return to Henning until he had pocketed a million dollars, a claim that no one could have taken seriously at the time. Underestimating Erle Halliburton would be a mistake that many of his contemporaries would repeat over the years, for as author and Texas historian J. Evetts Haley put it, Halliburton was "fired by the stern disciplines of hunger and want."

Alone, directionless, and penniless, Halliburton embarked on a worldwide journey that would take him from Brooklyn to Manila, working dozens of jobs as varied as driving a locomotive to selling automatic stokers. At age eighteen, he joined the U.S. Navy and received the first formal training of his young life, serving two tours and working engineering and hydraulics before leaving the service in 1915. The work suited Halliburton's mechanical mind, and he ultimately ended up in Los Angeles, running a pressure irrigation project for the Dominguez Irrigation Company, pulling down $100 a month.
After nine years of wanderlust and job-hopping, Erle Halliburton found the oil industry."...................

I'm tempted to add "the rest is history". I wonder whether Erle P. Halliburton would approve of what his company has come to stand for ?

Under my original, unedited, post of February 2007, HERE, there's a lengthy comment which might be of interest to passing readers.


Wisewebwoman said...

Very interesting and I was fascinated also by the prescient comment in your previous post on Halliburton. As it all comes tumbling down around us now.
My concern is great re the people that Mr. Obama has surrounded himself with.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ I hope that you are in bed resting!!!

I don't share your concern, as I've probably mentioned already somewhere. :-)

I think Obama knows exactly what he has to do, and what it's possible to do just now. He took over the country in the midst of "a perfect storm" economy-wise. Much as I'm sure he'd like to turn the ship around and change the lads in the engine room, it's not possible in a storm. He has to keep people he'd probably rather not have around him, at least until the storm subsides. A new captain has a whole different approach in calm waters, but for now he's stuck with big problems, and "them as made 'em must help him solve 'em" That's as I see it anyway.

Now - you should get back to snoozing!!! Hope you soon feel much better.

Shawn Carson said...

Cool story, Twilight.
A couple features of his chart that stand out to me are the Sun in the first degree of a Cardinal sign which shows great impatience and drive, and also the Moon / Jupiter opposition indicating a love of long journeys and strong optimism. Uranus conjunct the Nodal Axis accents his original methods.
Keep up the Great Work

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Hi! Those are good points. Thanks. I should've noticed Uranus conjunct South Node - I have it myself (even closer).
I'm not sure how close the opposition of Moon/Jupiter would have been, as this chart is set for 12 noon, but it's likely reasonably tight, yes.

anyjazz said...
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anyjazz said...

If the Halliburton executives could just see past their long established “basic company directive” of facilitating the exploration and production of oil. They could, overnight become the energy tsars of the world. They have the staff, the equipment, facility and certainly the money to manufacture all forms of equipment necessary for the production of various forms of energy. Manufacturing wind turbines, solar panels and rechargeable batteries are within their reach today. Today. Broadening their approach to energy would make them heroes. And lots of money.

Twilight said...

Anyjazz ~~~ Yes. That's exactly right! But they appear to be blinkered to the opportunities.