Friday, September 26, 2008

USA Character Chart

I'm periodically drawn to look at Astrodatabank's collection of the various charts used to represent the USA. Most astrologers seem to prefer those set for 4 July 1776, Independence Day. These have a variety of ascendants depending on rectifiction by the astrologers, using important events in the country's history to pinpoint a rising sign.

As I usually say on this topic, I'm not completely convinced about the logic behind such charts, or any chart representing an inanimate entity. If there is going to be a chart to represent a country though, it ought to reflect the "feel" of the country in question, even if placements don't coincide exactly with historically important events. I'm finding, in astrology generally, that though some trends can be foreseen, accuracy in actual prediction of events is patchy. The outer planets, including Saturn, are the most reliable when trying to foresee trends, but even these are fallible. Many factors, including charts of involved individuals, other countries, companies or groups need to be brought into focus also, leaving a very tangled web and confused scenario. Predictions made from one perspective only are going to be hit and miss at best.

So, concentrating only on national characteristics, what outstanding and necessary features would I look for in a chart of this nation?

1. First and foremost: Aquarius and/or Uranus must be emphasised. I see the birth of the USA as a very Aquarian/Uranian event. The establishment of the Republic is sometimes referred to as "The Great Experiment" - an effort to provide government of the people, by the people, for the people. Whether or not it worked out as planned, it was a very Aquarian/Uranian proposition. From days of the early pioneers, people here have displayed a determination to create change (Uranus)of one kind or another in their own lives or the lives of others, not always for the good, it has to be said. Aquarius and Uranus are not necessarily forces for good, though they often are.

2. Sagittarius/Jupiter should also have fairly prominent placing. Excess, over-indulgence, "bigness" and exaggeration are easily recognisable in the overall character of this country. Not forgetting religion, also the province of Jupiter/Sagittarius. Many of the original settlers were fleeing their own countries to find religious freedom; religion has been, and still is, for good or ill, an important part of the nation's character.

3. Leo ought to feature in the chart, Leo leads, and the USA thinks of itself as "world leader".

4. Mars should feature: military might, and the will to fight, has been present from the Revolutionary War which spawned the USA, to the present-day debacle in Iraq.

5. There should be a clear opposition aspect somewhere in the chart to represent the sharp dichotomy of public opinion which arises frequently on issues. I see this as a distinct feature of the USA's national character. It sometimes seems, to me, as though there are two distinctly different countries here.

Conclusion: All the 4 July 1776 charts have too much emphasis on Cancer (Sun) for my liking, the same applies to the 2 July (Armistead chart) which I'd previously considered a good choice. I don't see the character of the USA as in any way Cancerian. The Sun is one of the main representative factors in any chart, so, for me, none of these properly represents the character of the USA.

The above exclusions narrow my field considerably!

The Signing of the Constitution chart has Sun in Virgo, also inappropriate for the USA, in my view.

The nearest match I can find is the David Solte 1777 chart:

"David Solte's Presentation of the U.S. chart, data given in San Diego Astrological Society "The Uranian," May 1993, time rectified. He used the minutes of the Continental Congress to narrow down the passage of the Articles of Confederation to a few hours between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm on Nov. 15, 1777, when they were meeting in York, PA. Solte then rectified the chart to 12:46 pm Local Mean Time for the date and time when the Articles of Confederation became effective. The Declaration of Independence had declared that America was a separate entity from Great Britain, but it was not until the Confederation was established that the U.S. became a group of states united under one government.
Quite a few astrologers find that this chart works well for following the fortunes of the US government and the nation as a whole."

(Copied from Astrodatabank, linked above).

Here we have Sun in Scorpio - not ideal, but I can see how passionate and stubbornly Fixed Scorpionic traits could fit the USA's national character - the majority seem very passionate about their flag, their patriotism, their religion, their "American Dream". One of Scorpio's symbols is the Eagle, a much revered USA national symbol. This chart has an Aquarian ascendant, so fits my stated requirement. Uranus in Gemini trines and blends with the Aquarius ascendant - that's even better! Jupiter in Leo, the leader's sign, lies on the descendant angle, a strong position, with Sagittarius at midheaven, possibly the strongest position in the chart. There's a cardinal opposition (Cancer/Capricorn) between Mars and North Node of the Moon, a sensitive point, providing dichotomy, as well the required Mars connection. There's a second opposition, between Venus and Chiron, the Wounded Healer, further underlining the nation's propensity to split in two.

No existing chart exactly fits my personal view of a USA national personality, David Solte's 1777 chart comes near. Interestingly, a blend of Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio is what the nation stands to get get from an Obama/Biden ticket in the General election this year.


anthonynorth said...

I think certain countries do have a specific character, but it is usually an amalgam of the various races that form it, combined with the physical realities of geography.
I wonder if astrology reflects this.

Twilight said...

I'm not sure, AN. I haven't experimented in that direction.
As you say, certain countries do seem to have specific traits (Italy - artistic temperaments, Germany - hardworking....etc.)

The problem arises in almost every case that the exact time of birth/establisment of any nation is a nebulous factor, open to argument. So any astrological chart drawn up to represent a country is unlikely to be exactly accurate.

Realities of geography are easy to identify for smaller nations, but in vast countries such as the USA the diversity is such that it's impossible to use this factor helpfully, and the mix of races in the USA also makes for a very confused picture.

So, yes, astrology is probably reflecting the difficulty or even impossibility of establishing a birth chart for a nation such as the USA by providing a variety of them to choose from. :-O

R J Adams said...

I usually get pilloried when I suggest the US has a 'national psyche'. I'm accused of 'broad brushing' or heinous 'generalizations', but I stand by it. Of course there's a national psyche, just as has every other nation. Whether there's any astrological significance? Well, I'm afraid you lost me around, "I'm periodically drawn to look at ....."


Wisewebwoman said...

Interesting that you don't see the characteristics of Cancer in the US, T.
I could be wrong but isn't one of the aspects of Cancer insularity?
(I was married to one!)

Sandra said...

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Twilight said...

You pilloried, RJ? Surely not!
(Is my sarcasm showing?)

I think any critics of your writings, on occasion feel that you concentrate on the negative aspects of the USA psyche and tend to ignore that there are some very nice ones as well. :-)

As for the astrology - it's all another Great Experiment. Sorry I lose you at times, just as you lose me, but I think, hope, we agree on some things, at least.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ The zodiac sign Cancer is said to relate to ultra-sensitivity, which, in turn can lead to withdrawal and I suppose insularity of a kind. I don't see this kind of insularity in the USA character. If insularity there is, or was in the past, it more likely stemmed from the size of the nation, and a feeling of superiority and self-sufficiency with no need to reach out. They did and do reach out though. I probably wouldn't be alive and typing this now if the USA hadn't stepped in to World War 2 - albeit a bit late.

Cancer also represents home-loving and the mother. I could see this in the cosy Norman Rockwell view of the US, and in some areas it survives, but I don't see it as playing a prominent part in the country's character, other factors overshadow it in my view.

I have a pesky natal Cancer ascendant, and am not a great admirer of the sign's attributes generally, perhaps that is colouring my opinion!

Twilight said...

Sandra - Thank you for the link. i'll check it out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it would please Your Highness to think of the U.S. as an Aquarius with an Aries Moon.

Twilight said...

Oh! I see old Anonymous is back on the job!

No dear Anon. It wouldn't "please me" (if I am your highness) to think of the USA as a reflection of my own astrology at all. In fact I'd be quite upset about it.

I've tried to make a reasonable stab at this subject - it's a pity you can't be bothered to make a reasonable comment, or if the subject is not of interest, refrain from visiting - there are millions of sites out there for your delight.

R J Adams said...

Considering the US is a nation of heroes, many choose to make asinine comments from the cowardly dark shadows of anonymity....or, am I just concentrating on another negative aspect of the American psyche?
Individually, many Americans possess positive, endearing, traits. As a nation, well, I write about what I see, which is a modern counterpart to a gradually collapsing Empirical Rome.
But, yes, we still manage to agree on much - even Barak Obama! (sorry!) ;-)

Twilight said...

We---eell - I can't be absolutely sure that Anonymous is American, but it's more than likely. And if you are concentrating on the negative this time, good on ya pal!!! :-)