Thursday, September 25, 2008

Astro Dispatch & The Rest of It.

No astrology here today, but there's a wide selection of posts and articles available from the widget in my sidebar "Astro Dispatch", which is the latest product of Elsa (Elsa Elsa blog) and her colleagues, to replace the seemingly defunct "Top Ten Astrology News" widget.

For general interest reading, I've posted a description and photographs of our recent road trip at my other blog "THE REST OF IT".

More astro-blogging tomorrow.


R J Adams said...

Unfortunately, your other blog doesn't allow me to comment (no blogger account) so I'll do it here:

So this is where you hang out to get away from the stars. Quite a trip. Personally, some of these small American towns give me the willies, probably due to watching too many old 'B' movies in my youth.

Twilight said...

Hmmmm - I'd obviously not checked the formatting/settings on that blog - I used it originally just as a test page. I've changed it now (I think) so that comments are accepted from all and sundry.

Thanks for leaving a comment here, anyway, RJ.

I've grown to like these small towns much better than big cities.
I wouldn't like to have lived in one of them all my life though, and I do think youngsters should try their wings and not stagnate in one of these.

For me, this is the "real America" , beautiful landscapes, small towns, wide open spaces.