Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Which one's the conservative?

Politics is likely to be the number one news item throughout 2008. The outcome of November's presidential election will affect more than the United States, it has potential to affect the whole planet in one way or another. I'm going to start the year by looking at natal charts of two men, one from each side of the USA's political spectrum. Which chart belongs to the conservative? I've been unable to find a way to completely hide the chart-owners' names, so that's a silly question for anyone familiar with American TV. (Click on image to enlarge)

Even with names erased, it wouldn't be a difficult choice. The chart (left) with Saturn in its own domain, Capricorn, the most conservative sign of the zodiac, along with Sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury, is almost certain to belong to a person who leans sharply rightward politically, its owner is Sean Hannity, who co-hosts a TV talk show with the owner of the other natal chart, Alan Colmes.

The second chart (on the right) wouldn't, I think, necessarily belong to a politically left-leaning individial, but I'd be surprised if it belonged to someone as dogmatic as Hannity, who was born in New York City, 30 December 1961. (Both charts are calculated for 12 noon as birth times are unknown)

Alan Colmes' natal Sun is in very early Libra, with Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Virgo. A diplomatic, charming and mentally-driven Sun, together with three personal planets in mutable (non-dogmatic), and critically minded Virgo might equally describe someone moderately conservative or moderately liberal politically. If Colmes had Uranus close to his natal ascendant, or Aquarius rising, I'd be reasonably sure he would lean politically left. With another mutable sign rising he'd likely be more of a centrist. He is the left-leaning liberal of the pair, though often not leaning as far left as I'd like to see.
Alan Colmes was born New York City, 24 September 1950.

Both these guys have Jupiter in Aquarius, in Hannity's case it opposes Pluto, in Colmes' chart it lies inconjunct Pluto. Here's a fitting line from Robert Pelletier's interpretation of Jupiter opposition Pluto, from "Planets in Aspect".

"You are disposed to question every ideology and to challenge dogma by asserting your own..............." In Hannity's chart the planets are in Fixed signs Aquarius/Leo which emphasises a dogmatic attitude.

On Jupiter inconjunct Pluto,(Colmes), Robert Pelletier says:

"You need to become fully informed about your surroundings to protect yourself from intimidation (by Hannity and his pals?) When you accept an opportunity, it is your spiritual responsibility to distinguish right from wrong "What's in it for me?" isn't sufficient justification for everything you do."

Of the two, I'd say that Colmes is the more incisive interviewer - his Virgo planets proclaim it. Hannity is more likely to become belligerent (natal Mars conjunct Sun). Unruly Uranus in Virgo trines Hannity's Sun/Mars/Venus in Capricorn - trines are harmonious aspects, yet revolutionary Uranus trining traditional Saturn's domain sounds less than serene.

So much in natal astrology depends on ascendant and house positions, that information is missing without birth times. But even with only planetary positions as guide, it's still easy to see which of these two men is the more conservative.

After drafting this post yesterday, I visited to Alan Colmes' new blog, LiberalLand, and followed a link there to Newshound where there is mention of an astrologer's predictions for the two men. I'm going to add my two cents worth and say that I'd rather be in Alan's shoes than Sean's in the coming two years. I've had a Pluto transit to Venus (coming up for Sean), and....well, it was a very difficult (and life-changing) time to get through. I've had a second Saturn Return, too, and Alan has one due round the time of the November election - I'd be surprised if something that happens around that time doesn't change his career in some way, and mark the start of a new life chapter.

The caption on Alan Colmes' photograph, below, is just right for a Sun Libran!


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