Thursday, January 31, 2008

An old book by Llewellyn George

When out of town last weekend we explored a couple of big antique shops. On casually inspecting some shelves filled with books, but finding little of interest, I pushed one heavy old tome aside and found another smaller volume hiding beneath it. "Student Chart Reader of Horoscope Indications" by Llewellyn George, published in 1934, hardcover, somewhat battered and bruised, spine supported by sticky tape.

"This one's for me", thought I, ignoring a rather inflated price tag and concentrating on a notice which declared "20% off all books".

It's the first sample I've seen of the work of astrologer Llewellyn George. He was born in Wales, but at some point emigrated to the United States. A Memorial with a link to his natal chart can be seen HERE. I note that he had Sun in Leo with Uranus close to the ascendant. Astrologer C.E.O. Carter also had Uranus close to ascendant, very apt as Uranus is said to rule astrology.

The book I bought is a straightforward text book offering interpretations of planetary positions in signs and houses, and in aspect, also some information on progressed horoscopes. I find Mr George's interpretations quite gentle and diplomatic. For instance, his take on Sun in Aquarius:

"In Aquarius the Sun gives a quiet, patient, determined, unobtrusive and faithful nature, as a rule. The Aquarian is refined, pleasant, friendly, generous, charitable, dignified and humanitarian; fond of art, music, scenery and literature; cautious, steady, intelligent, intuitive, discriminative, concentrative, studious, thoughtful and philosophical. Good reasoner, practical as well as theoretical; strong likes and dislikes and often with very radical and advanced ideas; is cheerful, sincere and honest, easily influenced by kindness, slow to anger, but will not be driven; loves liberty and is fond of occult research."

I'll take that, thank you very much, sir ! (Preening and forgetting all about the sidereal zodiac and its charms for the moment!)

Mr George was much kinder than Grant Lewi, whose work I admire, but who scared me off initially by his negative take on Sun Aquarians with Aries Moon - I swear he'd had a nasty experience with one of these natives at a tender and impressive age!

It's interesting to note that Mr Llewellyn pointed out:
"At the present time, March 1934, very little is yet known of Pluto's influence upon human affairs.......There will be no new immediate effect except to stimulate investigation as to its influence upon the human, animal vegetable and mineral kingdoms. The stranger may have been recently discovered but it has not just arrived. It has long been circling its orbit just as the other planets. But when man arrived at the place in his unfoldment where he could think and believe there were bodies beyond his sight, he also acquired the skill to find them. That does not mean however that he suddenly becomes capable of registering and manifesting the influence of its rays".

The idea of planetary "rays" has been mainly discredited I think, in today's astrology world, but I like it. I wouldn't ever completely discount the idea of a causal relationship to account for at least some of the factors we can see working with the aid of astrology. "Rays" may be a clumsy description, but it'll do for now.

I enjoy the writing of 20th century astrologers C.E.O. Carter, Carl Payne Tobey, Grant Lewi, and now Lleywellyn George. This is not to say there's anything wrong with contemporary astrology authors, but I feel somehow very comfortable with the astrologers of yesteryear. Maybe it's because, at heart I'm just an old fashioned gal!


anthonynorth said...

As for astrologers of yesteryear, I must admit I feel the same regarding literature in general.
I find my bookshelves stuffed with classics - dare I say, I think they wrote better and thought deeper than today.

MrsLilypond said...

I must say I do like that description of Aquarius.

Twilight said...

AN -
I agree. I've always felt drawn to writers and artists who were in their heydays from turn of the century (19th/20th) up to World War2.

Mrs. L -
Yes, me too! And I don't think he was being too kind - the description fits very well most Aquarians I've known intimately enough to make a judgememnt.