Friday, March 30, 2007

American Idol's Melinda and Blake

I've been fairly underwhelmed by American Idol so far this year. I'm not sure whether this is due to the format seeming stale, or to lack of sparkle in the final line-up of contestants this season.

It's not that there aren't some very good vocalists among the last 10 singers, it's that there's no magic going on - at least not for me. Although I admire the vocal skills of both Melinda Doolittle and LaKisha Jones, neither seems to have that extra bit of star quality, nothing to do with voice, or even looks - just that they seem to lack that special "something" which comes out from the screen and imprints itself on the memory.

I've been waiting to see some of the contestants' birth dates. Wikipedia is showing several now, though no birth times. Melinda Doolittle was born, according to Wikipedia, on 6 October 1977. Place of birth is doubtful. She now lives in Brentwood Tennessee, but went to school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The best I can do with that is to say that her Sun Mercury and Pluto lie in Libra. At noon the Moon was at 27* Cancer, so it could have been in Leo if she was born later in the day. Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius. Her first Saturn Return will occur in August this year, probably when the Idol bunch are on tour - so lots of work will be on the cards, and almost certainly the start of a whole new way of life from then on.

In mid-May, around the time of the American Idol final, transiting Uranus in Pisces will be exactly opposite Melinda's natal Venus in Virgo - Venus is one of the musical planets, I believe. Is this a good or bad omen? I don't know, Uranus is the unpredictable planet! Neptune, also sometimes associated with music, now transiting in Aquarius, will be within 4 degrees of opposing her natal Saturn in Leo in mid-May. There's something going on there, but I can't quite grasp it!

Of the remaining contestants I think Melinda has the best opportunity of achieving a longterm solo singing career, but whether she will appeal to a wide enough Idol audience when it comes down to the nitty-gritty final, I'm not sure. Younger viewers are more likely to vote for someone nearer to their own age. Blake Lewis seems to be coming to the fore now, and though he's not "my cup of tea" I can see how teenaged fans would prefer his style to Melinda's.

Blake Lewis was born 21 July 1981 in Bothwell, Washington. Sun in late Cancer. Moon at noon @ 25 Pisces. In mid-May, at Idol final time, transiting Neptune at 22Aquarius will exactly sextile his natal Neptune at 22 Sagittarius - a good time for realisation of dreams, perhaps? Transiting Uranus will be at 18 Pisces, and if his natal Moon happened to be near, as it would be were he born around 1 or 2am, this could be significant. But that timing is just supposition.

There's professional astrologer Renee Francis's take on Melinda's astrology HERE - though she has the birth date one day ahead of Wikipedia's.

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