Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Al Gore under fire.

I avoided reading or listening to much news while we've been away during the past week. I'm disappointed now to see a more insistent swell of anti-Gore feeling on the internet and in the media . I've found only two items supporting Al Gore, but dozens trying to discredit him.

I notice that transiting Saturn is conjunct his natal Mars in Leo, while Pluto is currently on natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter is conjoining his Vertex ! Saturn and Mars together make for a hard time, I'd say. That will pass, though. I think Jupiter is a more significant feature in the configuration. I continue to hope that he will run, and win, in the presidential campaign.

I guess it was inevitable for that old see-saw effect to come into play now, with avengance. Al Gore has received so much acclaim, has had so much success, he has raised awareness on climate change to a level that even the most ardent of his supporters could not have envisaged. Current school-yard taunts from bloggers, snide remarks from journalists, all indicate, in my opinion, fear rather than reasoned consideration. Are they afraid of having a man of conscience and dedication in power in the United States? There seems to be a plan afoot to discredit Al Gore to the extent that, should he decide to run in the presidential election of 2008, he would be unlikely to win. If that is what a majority of Americans want, so be it. But the planet deserves better!

I've opened my own mind to doubts about the extent and true cause of global warming, and climate change. Scientists are divided, or so they say. There's an unknown factor of who is backing whom, and who is in the pay of whom. That unknown element might make a world of difference to public opinion.

I think it's safe to say that nobody knows for sure the certain outcome of, or reasons for, climate change, not even Al Gore and the best scientists in the world. It's not possible to know, this is a totally new situation in the recorded experience of humankind. Scientists, politicians, and astrologers can only put forward their best guesses about the future, based on the evidence as they see it.

When things are uncertain, I find that the way to go is towards risk limitation. In this case the potential risk is to mankind . How can there be any doubt which way to go ?

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