Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Vote Him Away

For anyone who hasn't yet seen/heard this one - do take a listen:

"Vote Him Away - The Liar Tweets Tonight"


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, I saw this before I took a sabbatical from the Webz. Very funny but I am getting so tired of the 45 humour, I suspect you are too. Concrete plans must be put in place and I don't see anything but too tired dirty old white men making like silly boxers in a ring. Both with sexual assault charges, etc.

Now fresh young millenials would be an exhilarating change.

PS - fair warning I'm on a geezer day.

Anonymous said...

Flush him away today.

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ I'm always way behind on this stuff, being non-Facebook, non-Instagram etc etc etc. Himself wanders around Facebook to keep in touch with family, so he passes bits and pieces on sometimes.

Yes, there's a lot of talking but not much walking the actual walk. If no change, even a fairly minor one, doesn't happen this time - I guess it never will. :-(

Twilight said...

Anonymous - Indeed ! It's ridiculous that folks in Tulsa have been lining up to see Trump on Saturday since Monday! Great - they don't mind risking their own health to see this monstrous excuse for a president spouting rubbish, fair enough -BUT they care little about the people they will almost certainly contact and infect afterwards. Are they careless, cruel or just "thick as two short planks" (as we used to say in Yorkshire)?