Sunday, January 12, 2020

Whinges and Other Stuff

Time for a wee whinge! Why is it that when a new, updated, version of something arrives, although it might look slick and shiny it's never quite as handy as the older version? We used to find this phenomenon at work, many years ago when our computer programs were updated - by them as knew what they were doing - allegedly. We used to complain "Why don't they come and see how we use the flippin' system before they go and reinvent the darn thing?" I've had two experiences of a similar phenomenon this week.

Our new washing machine was installed, much the same as the old one, but now it's all electronic rather than, "mechanical" (as described to us by the sales person). I did a load of laundry straight away. Knobs and settings are similar to before. As the machine did its biz I returned to the computer, expecting to hear a familiar alarm buzzer telling me when the job was done, and ready to transfer the washing to the dryer. Nothing! Had I forgotten to adjust a setting? Research online turned up that there is no buzzer on this model to signal the end of the cycle. TSK! What a flippin' nuisance. That is something I'd have thought would be standard. It's easy to forget that the washer is washing when it doesn't make a lot of noise, easy to forget all about the wet stuff. Ah well, I got out a little alarm clock - next time I used the washer I set it for 45 or so minutes ahead. Anyway, black mark awarded to Maytag - this is not up to their usual standard of excellence. More of what's becoming known as "crapification".

Another instance of crapification: my replacement basic astrology software, to becompatible with Windows 10 has similarly frustrating omissions, especially when trying to re-size a chart to post on my blog. It used to be so easy! Now it ain't, this is the same brand, but it ain't nearly as good, nor as clear due to some pale colours which almost disappear on the screen. Alos, it's no longer possible to choose one's own colours. I don't blog on astrology very often these days, so it doesn't matter much, but it's still annoying.

I was going to do a quick astro-job on author Catherine Cookson's natal chart, after we had watched a TV dramatised version (streamed on Amazon Prime) of her novel "The Black Velvet Gown". I enjoyed the story - although it is very similar in style to many (or all) of her other novels read in my younger years. 'Nuf to say, regarding her astrology, that Ms Cookson had Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Cancer, which made her a definite Cancer-type person - sensitive, empathetic and nurturing; this definitely comes out in her novels. She also had planets in Leo (limelight) and Gemini (communication), with natal Moon probably in Virgo (practical, organised) - but her time of birth isn't known, so can't be sure.

On the medical front - nothing to report, all remains much as was - except that it appears something has changed in rules regarding prescriptions for some pain killing medicines. Last year it was necessary to obtain a paper prescription, signed in ink by the prescribing doctor, the paper to be taken to the pharmacy in person - fax and email not allowed. It now appears that faxing these prescriptions to pharmacies is allowed once more. Less journeys to the hospital to collect prescriptions - that's good!

As regards my new (or re-found) knitting hobby, I've just finished a V-shaped shawl. It was supposed to look something like:

It turned out to be somewhat bigger than expected, though my yarn and needles were as prescribed by pattern and my natural knitting tension isn't exceptionally loose. LOL! It looks exactly like something that Riah, main character of "The Black Velvet Gown" was wearing in the north of England in 1830 something. The women wore a lot of shawls back then - or at least the costume department thinks they did. The lovely colour and subtle sheen of the knitted shawl doesn't show here - lighting not too good.


jenmoon said...

Any time any website gets upgraded, it loses functionality, in my experience. God only knows why they can only get WORSE, but they do.

anyjazz said...

I can tell you because I've seen it up close, the shawl is quite beautiful. I'm trying to move on to a later version of Photoshop, something I use nearly every day. It's a struggle. It shouldn't be that way.

Anonymous said...

Much, much to be said for KISS (keep it stupid simple). I realized long ago the people that design and engineer these things have never used them before. Like the Boeing 737 email revelations: "designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys". Agree with anyjazz - your shawl is a beauty.

You might find this website of interest:
Click on the 'Free Horoscopes' tab. The site offers as much and more than my old astro software that I bought years ago, but like you, couldn't transfer to my operating system upgrades without paying a hefty upgrade fee to the astro software company.

Wisewebwoman said...

Stunning job on the shawl it is incredibly lovely.

I hear ua on these so called improvements. I can't use Paint anymore as it insists on 3D which distors everything and scrunches my print overlay. Sooooo annoying.

I use an ancient portable timer on my stove as I can barely hear the tiny ting of "ready" from the electronic.

Though I must say I love streaming BBC programmes et al with NO commercials. So that's one improvement.


Twilight said...

jenmoon ~ Yes indeed - that has been my experience too. :)

Twilight said...

anyjazz~ Thanks - and for taking these photographs also. :)

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Oh yes - KISS is the way to go, but technology these days offers so many opportunities to keep it complicated. I suspect a lot of the problems we encounter now are due to the tech. people adjusting everything to fit smartphone users' needs rather than those of PC or lap top users.

Thank you kindly - re the shawl. :) Thanks also for the astro-seek link - I shall investigate.

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Thank you WWW - you're very kind. :)
Those old portable timers were handy - I ought to see if I can find one on e-bay.

Yes, the streaming thing is certainly one big improvement we have in the 21s century! We watch hardly any TV proper now, just Amazon Prime offerings, and progs on Acorn TV and Britbox (via ROKU) to which I bought a year's subscription. These have kept us happy and entertained in a way TV never did.

Twilight said...

Received by e-mail from the UK, from "JD"

Ann....Happy new year to you! You are obviously on the road to recovery by venting your fury at our wonderful modern technology :)

All of the tech companies build all of their computers, hardware and software in strict compliance with Hutber's law.

If they didn't do that we would all realise it is all just a bluff as explained in this book which I came across recently -

Best just to relax and get on with your knitting. I am currently wearing a woolly pully which my mother knitted for me more than 50 years ago. Can't buy those in the shops!!!!

Happy Easter - it's coming, the shops are full of Easter eggs!

Twilight said...

JD ~ Many thanks, and a Happy 2020 to you too! I love the links - especially to Hutber's Law.

Ah yes, the Easter eggs, they're sitting just behind the red hearty stuff for Valentine's Day, and in front of patriotic stuff for Independence Day here in the US.
Around and around we go - little wonder that we feel dizzy at times. :)

R J Adams said...

Well, that shawl looks fine to me - and as an added bonus, it'll keep your ass warm! ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ It will indeed RJ! :)