Monday, August 26, 2019

Tardy Update-ish

Well....I guess it's time I posted an update here, but there's not much to report at present. Perhaps after Wednesday I'll have news worth recording, after two medical appointments - follow-ups. These will be mainly in relation to issues following my radiation course a few weeks ago, and checking state of blood after several weeks on the Ibrance medication - those expensive pills for which, amazingly, I haven't yet had to pay anything out of pocket.

Medical marijuana news: I've decided to stay off it for a few days. I hadn't been taking much anyway - a drop of tincture once or twice a day. The sleepiness, my only consistently noticeable effect from MM, has been increasing daily, along with a general feeling of being "not quite with it". Up with that I will not put! No MM today, and already I feel slightly less doped-up. There were a couple of tries at vaping a few days ago, no more of that until I read more of recent reports that vaping (not sure if re nicotine or marijuana) has been causing some kind of lung disease.

Cartoons below came from my oldest (in both senses) friend in the UK - she was born a week after yours truly.


Wisewebwoman said...

I imagine there must be THC in the MM. I just take CBD only. I have had a terrible reaction to THC in the past so I avoid.

Thanks for the update and the cartoons. It can be challenging to write when things are all topsy turvy.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Yes, there are various combinations of THC and CBD available in MM. It seems that each person has to experiment to find the best combination for their needs. I shall continue to experiment from time to time, at least until the MM stuff I have bought already is used up. I've found that MM can help with increasing appetite, but I'm not happy about the fuzzy mind which can occur, especially in relation to controlling my iffy leg. I need to feel in complete control of it to avoid a fall. I'm trying to find what dose of tincture (of a mix of THC/CBD) will help appetite without causing a fuzzy mind, in relation to my pain-when-walking. :)