Monday, May 13, 2019

Maximum Age Limit for Voting ?

A question posed at Quora: Should there be a ‘Maximum Age Limit’ for voting in elections?

Oh dear! A quote: “Discrimination on the basis of age is as unacceptable as discrimination on the basis of any other aspect of ourselves that we cannot change.”
― Ashton Applewhite, This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism.

Elections, in the UK, USA and in most other countries are an opportunity to vote for representatives in government (local and national) for a limited period - 4 years, 5, 6 and with the opportunity, in future elections, to extend, within limits, those periods. Older voters most certainly have a stake in how their city, town, county, state or country will be governed during the next few years. To argue otherwise has no basis in fact.

A few snips from Quora answers:

At what point do you feel a Senior Citizen’s opinion has become so worthless that his/her Constitutional right should be revoked? As I see it: understanding, knowledge, experience, preferences, and opinions do not come with a shelf life like a carton of milk. (from Al Nolf's answer)

But just to be devil’s advocate, the best reason to limit the voting right of the very aged (say 85+) is that they are not going to have to live with the long-term consequences of their vote and so their votes should not have as much sway. My own parents actively decided not to vote once they got to be in their mid-late 80’s for just this reason. They felt the world belonged to the younger folks and they should be the ones to decide how it went forward.
(From Ellen Garbarino's answer.)

Yes, there should be a maximum age limit for voting. It’s better known as death. Up to that point — but hopefully not beyond — we need the input from people who have actually been around the block a few times.
(From Susan C Weber's answer)

Absolutely not. Only someone young and inexperienced who has not experienced the process of aging, who has not looked back on their lives with regret in regards to the assumptions they were so sure about would propose such a ridiculous idea. (Ridge Green's answer)

Mark Hartman wrote (with the added disclaimer "/sarcasm"):
I am all in favor of imposing a maximum age limit, and raising the minimum age limit.
No person below the age of 30 should be permitted to vote.
No person above the age of 150 should be permitted to vote.

And Al Eisenmenger wrote:
If it were not for the Senior Citizens that fought for your right to vote you wouldn’t have a Country to vote in….


R J Adams said...

How times have changed! Once, the 'elders' were considered the wisest and their opinions and wisdom sought before any major decision was taken. Now we're run by a load of, wet-behind-the-ears Oxbridge brainwashees (yes, it is a recognised word!) who've never done a job of work in their lives and think they know it all.
That same bunch of knuckle-headed twerps took away my right to vote in UK elections and referendums. Despite having been a UK citizen for 73 years I, and many like me, are disenfranchised by both the Tory government and the Labour Party because I've lived outside the UK more than fifteen years. As I'm not a citizen of any other nation I have no legal right to vote anywhere. Democracy? Don't make me laugh.

Wisewebwoman said...

If "they" had their ways with us the limitation would also be white and male and Xtian.


Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Agreed. Yes, the 15-year ruling was harsh, especially for people like yourself (and me, now, come to that).

Twilight said...

Wisewebwomn ~ White, male, Christian, property owners, with no parking tickets - ever.