Saturday, January 07, 2017

Saturday & Sundries

 Cartoon by James Thurber

What grade to give for Obama's presidency?

I'd give him a "C" (could've done better).

Husband found this in an old newspaper during his researches of 19th/early 20th century photographers.

My husband says:

Staying on a vintage track, I found these thoughts on musical tastes and astrology, submitted to The National Astrological Journal in 1934 by one Edward Forsythe of Providence, R.I. -

The type pf music that appeals to a person can be found by noting the aspects of Venus in his horoscope.
Venus and Sun - stately pompous pieces
Venus and Moon - simple, novel things
Venus and Mercury - quick, light music
Venus and Mars - marches, military and descriptive war songs
Venus and Jupiter - church hymns or slow, stately marches
Venus and Saturn - old songs and solemn tunes
Venus and Uranus - uncommon, futuristic music, such as Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin
Venus and Neptune - dreamy, quiet, romantic and mystical music.

The good aspects to Venus give preference to the slower form of each type of music; the afflictions tend toward the faster and wilder form of each, as signified by the different planets.

Hmmm - in my case, with Venus trine Moon and Venus square Neptune I'm supposed to prefer - musically - the simple and novel (slower version); and romantic, mystical, dreamy (faster wilder version). Do I? Yes - but lots of other stuff also.

Adam Lambert with "Time for Miracles".....ain't it just?!


R J Adams said...

Hmmm! A begrudging 'C' for Obama (Could have done (much) better). As for the man who sold his wife, she sounded a right old battleaxe. Six months was too short for her sort. They obviously had their priorities right in the 1900s. None of this fancy political correctness then.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ I suppose $6, back then was "a pretty penny", though less than it'd have cost for a lawyer to oversee a divorce. But she ended up in clink. We're not told whether the $6 had to be refunded, or if the reason it was she who ended up in clink was because it was all her own cunning plan from the start. :-)