Thursday, August 18, 2016


There's a penumbral lunar eclipse today.
Explanation HERE.

Here are Astrology King's astrological thoughts on the eclipse.

I like the Yod the astrologer points out (I have a thing for Yods!) This one links Aquarius Moon to Aquarius' ruler, Uranus with the Yod's apex at the Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in Virgo. The astrologer talks about a karmic mission - not sure about that - but if it floats your boat, fine!

And: another astrologer's take on this eclipse: Kate Rose at Elephant Journal.


mike said...

It would be a stretch to call this lunation an eclipse. Most astrologers state this to be a mini-eclipse and attach it to saros cycle 109. That cycle's last occurrence was August 8, 1998, which completed that saros cycle (736 AD to 1998) [ ]. Each repeating eclipse in a saros cycle occurs 18 years later, so this August 18th full Moon would have been the next, but this "eclipse" does not touch the Earth, so it is not part of the series...close, but no cigar. Technically, this is simply a full Moon in Aquarius and is not part of any saros cycle.

As you provide, this full Moon forms a yod with transiting Jupiter-Mercury and Uranus. Did you notice that you have a weak yod in your natal (Mars sextile Neptune, with Moon apex)? This aspect will mish-mash with today's transits and be in effect the next two weeks. Aquarius is part of your 8th, so maybe news of your settlement, particularly with a full Moon bringing completion.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I wasn't sure about how to label this "eclipse", but some astrologers have called it an eclipse, or an almost-eclipse. I'm not too keen (or well-versed) on eclipse lore in astrology, haven't ever seen proof of it being a valid predictive tool, but others disagree, I know. I thought the term penumbral covered the fact that this eclipse isn't yer average shadow on the Moon kind of thing. I guess I was wrong. :-)

Re the Yod in my chart (depending on my time of birth being almost accurate) - hmmm.
Well, interestingly, on the day Saturn turned direct I did hear from solicitors in the UK - but there appears still to be a way to go. In response, I've asked some questions which might, eventually, bring clarity as to the when, and maybe how much, but due to lawyer's vacation time, there'll probably be a wait for answers. :-/

mike (again) said...

I hope you receive enough inheritance money to purchase a decent pair of shoes once the attorney fees are deducted...LOL.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I'm not quite that pessimistic, yet, but....We're told, apart from other ongoing matters still to be finalised, there has to be a genealogical investigation, by a professional genealogist, with questions to us all, so that the lawyers can acquire some kind of indemnity insurance - a fairly normal practice I think, in cases like this; but I'd have thought it's something that really could have been done months and months ago. :-/

"Don't question the universe", I keep telling myself!

mike (again) said...

The eclipse shined some light on the missing A, B, and O in some companies' logos that left me in quandary:

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Strange (or quirky) idea - but a good one, once explained! :-)

mike (again) said...

"Millions of people will know something is wrong on August 21, 2017, when a total eclipse of the sun sweeps across the country, the first to grace the continental United States since 1979 (and the first to go coast-to-coast since 1918). The roughly 120-kilometer-wide path of totality created by the moon’s shadow will travel through 12 states, from Oregon to South Carolina. And although it’s still a year away, researchers and nonresearchers alike are gearing up to make the most of this rare spectacle — they won’t get another chance in the United States until 2024."

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ That'll cause a stir! Astrologers will have a field day too. :-)