Monday, June 06, 2016

Music Monday

Picks from musical birthdays coming up this week:

Dean Martin, born 7 June 1917. I chose this video because it reminds us that he could act (kind of) as well as sing. He was so well-liked by audiences that what he lacked in acting skills was more than compensated for by an ever warm and easy-going persona.

Robert Preston, born 8 June 1918. Remembered mostly for his starring part in The Music Man, but I like this number of his from a lesser known show Mack and Mabel.
The original 1974 Broadway production starred Robert Preston and Bernadette Peters. It received eight Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical.

Mack & Mabel is a musical with a book by Michael Stewart and music and lyrics by Jerry Herman. The true story involves the tumultuous romantic relationship between Hollywood director Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand who became one of his biggest stars.

Happy birthday to Bonnie Tyler this week, she was born on June 8 1951.

THIS ONE's FOR BERNIE supporters, thinking of primaries to be held tomorrow:


Anonymous said...

Fine birthday picks, Twilight! Here's one of my favorites, Gary "US" Bonds:

I love the couple dancing in this one:

mike said...

FYI - Above comment is mine...not sure how that happened. I realized I hadn't put my name in the box just as I clicked on "publish"...usually that action will erase my comment and ask for an identity.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for these - and yes, Happy Birthday to Gary US Bonds - it's today!

mike (again) said...

This controversial, multi-talented person's birthday is on the 14th, eight days away:

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Oh - those balmy salad days before He came up with his "good idea" to make us great again! Oh for a time machine to send some record producer or film magnate back in time to put Him under contract, make Him so HUGE and so beloved in film and TV that other thoughts would fail to enter that strange orange head of his. ;-)

mike (again) said...

But...but...but then we'd have one of his nemetic brothers Ted, Jeb, Ben, Mario, Tom, John, Chris, Jim, Rand, Mike, or sister Carly. Perhaps Hillary's team sent someone back preventing the film magnate or record producer from signing him to a contract. She wanted an easy-to-kill, Republican opponent. Her people were too busy with the film and record insiders to think about TV reality programming leading to "The Apprentice". Just shows what can happen when traveling back...the errors that compound.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yeah - of course! And it'd have been too big a job to sort out better options than running for Prez for that unpleasant crew!

Perhaps a better plan, involving our time machine, would be to go back in order to put some tasty tid-bit in Hillary's path - tasty enough to divert her attention from envisioning herself as Queen of the USA. Bernie might then have romped ahead with fewer obstacles in his path, to easily beat the strange orange-headed one in November.

mike (again) said...

Off - The news outlets were being condemned for possibly announcing Hillary's win before the CA polling precincts closed tomorrow. Well, it's happening tonight!

Go to live update:

Probably on page two, there's discussion that the AP's call of Hillary's win may actually hurt Hillary, because her supporters may not feel it necessary to vote. So, the Hillary camp is quickly down-playing the AP announcement.

BTW - The AP is counting super-delegates in order to declare her win.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ GROAN!!! This is so, so unethical! If it hurts Clinton then it will be well-deserved! :-/

mike (again) said...

Forgot all about Prince's B-day today (June 7,1958), then saw online that fans are celebrating today.