Tuesday, July 28, 2015

US Presidents - Astrological Groupings

Information at the following link will not be new to most astrologically-literate people in the USA. As the 2016 presidential electoral go-around will still leave my general election experience here in single figures, I'm not familiar with data presented - or if I have read it in the past, I've promptly forgotten all about it.

Zodiac Sign Found Most Among U.S. Presidents, by Corrine Lane.

Graphs and observations on US Presidents to date (with 4 listed exceptions) are grouped into:

Mid-heaven by sign, element, quality

Rising signs

Sun/Moon signs.

Because there's no time of birth available, as yet, for Bernie Sanders it's not possible to compare his data as regards mid-heaven and rising signs. His Virgo Sun and Aries Moon are not especially favoured, but MC and rising could balance that. I'm hoping for Cancer inclusion at rising or MC!

Hillary Clinton has Scorpio rising which isn't beneficial at all, according to this study.

Is Scorpio Rising So Scary?

Not even one U.S. president has had Scorpio rising. I have 3 theories about this. First, it may be that U.S.A. doesn’t want a sexy president. Second, Americans aren’t ready to trust a president that is so predisposed to extreme secrecy. Scorpio Rising people appear to be hiding something even when they are not. It’s been said that Scorpio Rising generates fear in others. (Scorpio’s secrecy is really just a protective instinct. It’s not anything to be afraid of.) Third, it may be that Scorpio Rising people are not at all interested in the office of U.S. President. In fact, they do not like to be put on display. They prefer to wield low-key, subliminal power. To see the zero-count for Scorpio rising, see the graph “Rising Signs of U.S. Presidents”, shown above.

Her Scorpio Sun is better placed in the graph, but Virgo mid-heaven isn't doing too well.

As for "The Donald" - his Leo ascendant (Fire) could be his undoing (one factor among many I dare say!) Final paragraph of the linked piece begins: "Earth, water, and air signs are pretty well represented in all three tallies. This favors a combination of dependable earth, compassionate water, and witty, airy intelligence. Fire signs ranked lowest among all three tallies."


mike said...

Geez, with my Aquarius MC and Gemini ASC, I don't have much astrological basis for being elected prez...unless I'm the maverick...LOL. Don't discount Hillary, as Scorpio and Aquarius SUN-signs are the most plentiful amongst the presidents, with five each, and she could become the first exception.

Here's a look at natal aspects of presidents:
The least aspects to Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto is indicative of the presidential pool.

I don't find that there has been a complete statistical review of presidential astrology. As in ALL possible placements and aspects are evaluated. This would be quite an endeavor, but possible with today's computational abilities. Of course, there is always the wild card of transits to natal mundane astrology of each candidate and each electoral process. The presidential candidates for the 2016 election cycle are heavily influenced by the aftermath of the transiting Uranus-Pluto square, with the upcoming Saturn-Neptune square. The collective's expectations for the 2016 election are much different compared to the 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012, campaigns, with each modified via the astrological transits prior to each election cycle.

Then there's the Bilderberg factor. Their most favored potentate is "assisted" by hook and-or crook.

Sonny G said...

I don't plan to give up on Hillary.. The Clinton crowd's been known to pull a rabbit out of their hat many, many times.
Not much hope of me running , much less winning, either Mike:) too dang secretive lol.. Since I'd be unable to Dazzle them was Brilliance,
I could just do what the rest of the politicians do and Baffle them with Bullshit. :) :)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for the link to more data on this topic. I agree that when considering results of this kind of survey/study, one has to allow for a whole lot of variable factors.

Comparing astrology of persons elected in the 18th, 19th centuries with those of the 21st century is iffy at best. "Atmosphere" of eras change, due to outer planetary movements and how they aspect each other for one thing, which will indirectly affect how people think. Some data will come from times when not every member of the population had right to vote. Some elections precede or follow horrendous wars, which will have a bearing on how people were thinking. Those and lots of other factors could affect election results. Although this makes a very interesting topic to chat about, and wonder about, I doubt any information deduced from it will be at all reliable. Still, the fact that certain zodiac signs do seem to hold sway....well, dunno! ;-/

O/T - Is GiGi feeling better today, mike?

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Hillary would be preferable to any Republican, but that's the best I can find to say about her at this point. I'm "feeling the Bern!" :-)

Sonny G said...

I guess this means we'll be out stomping for different folks this campaign Annie:)

oh yea Mike- my Buffy St Marie has a very sensitive intestinal system too.. Once I learned to add a open probiotic capsule into her daily water bowl- all the going from both ends ceased.. Took me 5 years and many espisodes to find this out but it works for her and for me too as messes in the house make me cringe:) good luck and healing thoughts to lil GiGi

mike (again) said...

I agree with you, Twilight, I'd vote for Hillary only if Bernie doesn't make it through the vetting process, assuming Hillary is the Democratic nominee. Much can happen between now and then!

Thanks to you both for GiGi-well-wishes. Two pukes mid-evening and one diarrhea early this morning, which is an improvement. I'm exhausted...about 16 hours of total sleep the past five days.

Sonny, I give GiGi a tablespoon of fresh, Greek yogurt every other day in her evening meal. I started that several years ago after one of her near-death experiences from hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. I agree with your observation that it does help a lot, but once or twice a year she has bouts of vomiting-diarrhea that last four or five days. If I can't get that under control with Pepto Bismol, it will eventually turn to HGE and a crisis. I feed her a very high quality canned food three times a day. I used to make boneless-skinless chicken thighs, rice, and broth for her every night, but a couple of years ago, concurrent with HGE, she rejected chicken.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I sent off my form to change my voter registration from Independent to Democrat last week, so's I'll be able to vote for Bernie in the primaries. :-)

Sleep deprivation will weaken you if it continues, mike - but I'm sure you're well aware of that. A wee nap-time every other hour maybe? I'm glad GiGi's problem has not been quite as severe in the past hours. Maybe tonight you'll be able to hit dreamland for a good long sleep.

LB said...

mike ~ I'm sorry for what you and GiGi are going through. Must be tough to watch your little friend suffer, hard on you too.:(

I'm assuming GiGi isn't eating anything right now, but after she makes it through this crisis, do you think it might be worth considering the possibility GiGi may have developed a dairy intolerance, one that exacerbates her HG?

When I read your comment about giving her yogurt it was the first thought to pop into my mind, maybe because at various times throughout my life I've developed similar sensitivities to dairy products, yogurt included. I'm fine for a while . . . until I'm suddenly NOT and have to give it a rest.

I've read where lots of things can set off an HG episode, which probably means you frequently play detective on her behalf ~ GiGi's a lucky girl to have someone with your 6th house Scorpio placements caring for her.:)

Keeping you both in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Mike ... I must second LB's advice vis-à-vis the yogurt.

I have seen sudden allergenic changes occur in people.
Perhaps Ms.GiGi is not immune to the same ...


... dietary intolerance can be such a bummer.

mike (again) said...

Twilight - ABC news tonight had a blurb about a 4.5 earthquake near Oklahoma City! The video showed inventory falling from store shelves. There have been over 40 earthquakes in OK measuring greater than 4.0...I think the strongest was 5.8 two years ago.

LB - Thanks, but I don't think she reacts to yogurt, but could be wrong. The addition of yogurt a couple of years ago has greatly decreased the vomiting and diarrhea episodes. I believe that her being taken from her mother at three weeks old is the basis...her digestive tract never fully matured and her immune system suffered. HGE is a general label for any number of possible causes that have the same outcome: diarrhea & vomiting with blood in one or both, and is life-threatening. Most HGE is bacterial, but can include allergies and ulcerative colitis. She's maintained her appetite through this episode and she's drinking water, but that can change overnight. Right now, I think she's improving.

A topic of anatomy & physiology that may interest you is Peyer's Patches:
Dogs and other mammals have them, too. Peyer's Patches have a vital role in our health, yet are easily destroyed by medications and toxins.

mike (again) said...

Thanks, kidd! See comment to LB.

Anonymous said...

Mike, that's good to hear ...

Throwing a metaphorical ball a couple of times ...
... and a proverbial juicy bone.


Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Flippin' fracking! They'll be sorry!

I hope GiGi, and you, both have a more comfortable and sleep-filled night tonight.

Anonymous said...


Leo Sun?
With hair like that?



LB said...

mike ~ I'd never heard of HGE until you mentioned your little one's issues, then became interested. No doubt the probiotics in yogurt would be helpful (even if dairy isn't). They help me too, though I've switched from yogurt to capsules. Funny thing is, I can still consume some types of dairy, just not every day over longer periods of time.

If you know when she was born, kidd's mention of food allergies makes me wonder if GiGi might be having a transit or progression involving either Ceres or Neptune.

Whatever's going on, I'm happy to read you think she's doing a bit better.:)

I took a brief look at Peyer's Patches but think I'd better read it again when I'm more awake!

Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Well...he's too vain to let it go - there's that! And its golden tint, even now, has hints of glories past...or hints of something. ;-)

mike (again) said...

You wrote, "As for 'The Donald' - his Leo Sun (Fire) could be his undoing...", but he has a Gemini Sun with very late Leo ASC.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Oh shucks - thanks! I had a feeling I'd got my lines crossed somewhere when I was looking at his chart again today for something else. Yes it's his ascendant - I was following the first section of the article - it began with ascendants, and I had it in mind that beginnings are always Suns. I'll amend it or update it - or something.
Thanks again.