Tuesday, June 09, 2015


I am absolutely fed up seeing and hearing the name Jenner, whether preceded by the first name Bruce, or Caitlyn. The individual concerned is probably basking in all this publicity, enjoying it to the full.

I feel sad for all the possible embarrassment and awkwardness current publicity, ridicule by comedians and others, and general online commentary might bring to some everyday ordinary people who, for whatever physical or psychologically based reason, feel that they are in conflict with the gender their body presented at birth. I feel sad because what these people have to endure must always be a sensitive and long, highly personal struggle, dealt with by each in the way best suited to their own disposition. Instead of being able to go about whatever processes, challenges and changes they deem necessary for themselves in a private and quietly dignified manner, in this age of so-called "social" networking, where there's so much that is clearly anti-social going on, an additional source of difficulty has arisen.

If some people find the concept of transgender "wrong" or distasteful, that is their prerogative, of course. If those same people have any sense of decency at all, they might desist from public declarations of their "disgust" and/or ridicule. I want to yell to these comedians, commentators, bloggers et al, "Grow up why don't ya, display a bit of real humanity - just for a change!"


Bob said...

First, I just posted to "Safekeeping" thread by Anyjazz and you.

Second, I completely agree with your rant.

Greed and ignorance fuel the incessant coverage for this individual. Those undergoing the same life episode without the public spotlight must be very thankful.

Sonny G said...

I understand your sentiments and agree.

I do hope that once the novelty of the subject passes , people will become better informed and thus open their hearts and minds to the pain these folks experience and become more supportive,understanding and KIND.

I read on several Reality TV boards and the response has been overwhelmingly Positive.

Twilight said...

Bob and Sonny ~ Thanks for adding your thoughts. :-)

mike said...

There will always be the opposition or those that ride the coattails of events to make themselves money off the backs of others' despair. I'm very sympathetic to Jenner, but celebrities become the "property" of the public domain, like it or not, particularly when associated with the Kardashian reality circus. Kudos to Jenner for being such a high-profile individual, with a manly-man past, to come-out as trans. She has put a spotlight on an area that otherwise would have remained in the shadows of ridicule.

I've been much more pleased from the other side of the fence, with the likes of Hastert and Josh Duggar, or the homophobic Reverend Matthew Makela that was discovered cruising for men on a gay dating app.

I found Momma Duggart's previous transphobic remarks savory:

"...Dugger narrated a robocall to local voters in Fayetteville, Arkansas protesting an anti-discrimination bill that would allow transgender individuals to use bathrooms and other gender-specific facilities as they feel comfortable.
...[Michelle Duggar said:]'I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space... Women, young ladies and little girls deserve to use the restroom or any other facility in peace and safety.'”

Twilight said...

mike ~ I disagree, mike (once again) ;-) Jenner has brought the issue of transgender much ridicule and unpleasant commentary that, if it was present at all before, was well in the shadows and not mentioned in every Late Show, every Huff Post every day...I suspect this sudden publicity has not been helpful to most ordinary trangender folk at all.

I'm not familiar with news of the other people mentioned in your comment - I've avoided reading anything with Jenner, Duggar, Hastert etc in the title or first lines.

Sonny G said...

grrrr dont even get me started on the Duggars and their Gothard CULT...

mike (again) said...

I'm confused by your comment. Jenner didn't cause the ridicule and unpleasantry, as the bigoted and narrow-minded did that, and Jenner shouldn't be blamed. Keeping "stuff" in the shadows and in the land of unmentionables is never the best option to avoid criticism, as it will always make the individual or group lesser-than and without traction. There has been a tremendous family-values (homophobia, transphobia) movement within the religious right, as the defense-of-marriage act has been losing legal ground. Their new focus is on passing laws legalizing discrimination based on religious freedom, which tends to target gays and transsexuals. This is not a good time for a homosexual or transsexual to quietly sit in the shadows and hope it all goes away by not disturbing the bigots. I think Jenner knew what she was getting into with the Diane Sawyer interview and Vanity Fair cover...jokes and all.

Josh Duggar was the executive director of the Family Research Council until he was exposed as having molested little girls when he was underage. Michelle Duggar's transphobic quotation (in my previous comment above) was made prior to her son's actions becoming public.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I don't think I implied that it was Jenner's fault, but the fault of TV presenters, bloggers, commenters, writers etc. Jenner was the catalyst for the nastiness, jokes and adverse commentary - due to his name being known.

Your view differs from mine - that's fine.

I feel for those who have a sensitive nature - tried to walk in their shoes for a moment, and feel how I believe some of them might feel. I could be wrong, but that's my view.

Transgender has been going on for decades. I don't recall much publicity when Jan (formerly James) Morris the travel writer changed gender - I have a post about here:


Back then there was no chattering, bitchy "social" networking as now, of course.

I've mentioned in a post before, too, that in 1962/3 I worked as cashier in a coffee bar-cum-restaurant in the centre of Manchester (UK) where, on certain afternoons, a group of transgendering people, at different stages, would visit for coffee and snacks, and chat with me about fashion, makeup etc. I suppose I'm remembering their personalities and problems, and thinking how people like them would view what's been going on in press, TV, blogs etc.

I've read two blogs recently that especially shocked me, and caused me to want to rant a bit...so I did.

R J Adams said...

Only one thing to say, Twilight: Here, here! (Well, that was actually two things, but what the hell!)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Good! You're back! I'll toddle over to yours to see whether you've posted any news of your trip. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Twilight - I have not commented online much in the last few years, and I live outside the U.S. but come back home twice a year, so the whole Jenner/Kardashian circus seems to me just a media creation and one that shows a deep disconnect from the lives of most Americans - perhaps that is the point. I don't know. What is interesting is that Jenner is a Scorpio, and he seems to be taking Scorpionic transformation to new levels.

Twilight said...

sulis9 ~ Hi there! Thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment. Yes, I agree -and media are still on the Jenner bandwagon, after all these weeks! It must bring them plenty of viewers/clicks etc! Such is life! Who knew Scorpio was so good for publicity?!