Monday, March 16, 2015

Music Monday ~ Singing us out of the last of those Uranus/Pluto blues

Mid-March 2015 - right around now in fact - sees the last of a set of seven pesky square (right angle) aspects between Uranus and Pluto. These square aspects have been lurking around in especially troublesome mode since June 2012, at around 8 to 15 degrees of Aries (Uranus) and Capricorn (Pluto), affecting other Cardinal signs (Cancer and Libra) by aspect too. While results of their sporadic, uneasy quadrilateral quadrille may not, as yet, be fully realised, the seeds have certainly been sown. Those two planets reputedly signify unexpected change and long-term transformation via some often challenging routes. The square aspect in astrology indicates an uncomfortable connection between inharmonious elements/signs. This can manifest as stress and tension. When the two planets involved are slow-movers, as are Uranus and Pluto, results are most often seen in mundane events, and not always immediately. Astrologer Philip Sedgwick has a good current piece on this topic - see End of One Era. If an individual had natal planets close to degrees and signs involved in the Uranus/Pluto squares, there could have been corresponding areas of tension or stress arising in that person's life, around the times of the square aspects.

We should give 2012-2015's set of Uranus/Pluto squares a musical send off. It'll be a few decades before their like occurs again.

How about The Last Blues Song? It's sung (and danced) here by Julie Andrews and Sandy Duncan -


Sonny G said...

I sure hope your post is right..

for me-cap sun, libra ascend and cancer moon its been a rough ride since feb 2012 and I am truly ready for this to be DONE..since you said it would be several decades till this happens again , maybe I can live out the rest of my life in peace, contentment and no more trauma~!! in a few decades I'll be in my mid nineties and probably ready to bid this plane of existance Aloha, anyway....

anyjazz said...

Yes, I remember that one. Julie Andrews had her own show for a bit.

Sonny G said...

I just wanted to add another song:)

Is It Over Yet - Wynonna Judd

mike said...

Well, the square isn't official until about 12 hours from now, so here's a slightly premature congratulations for bronco-busting this one (so far)! It's been an exciting, if not queasy ride through the fun house, a bit too long, and the destination drop-off point is foreign terrain...probably won't be able to find the parking lot where all this began.

There will only be a 2* separation one year from now, so the tension very slowly dissipates. Rather peculiar transits one year from now: Jupiter will trine Pluto, Saturn will trine Uranus, but Jupiter will be square Saturn (and both will be in T-square with Neptune)...hhmmmm.

Once past next year, Uranus and Pluto will slowly build toward their trine aspect in 2028, Gemini to Aquarius. And we have another Jupiter-Saturn twenty year cycle starting in 2019-2020, with both conjunct Pluto in very late Capricorn.

The next five years are not particularly gratuitous. It may herald a duration of open wounds and constant assessment of casualties, both metaphoric and physical.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I hope so too - maybe improvement will not be immediate, but at least I think this week marks a turning point - and that can't be bad. :-)

Hadn't heard "Is It Over Yet?" before so went to youTube for a listen - nice one.....then got drawn in to a pile of other stuff there - country can be addictive sometimes!

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Did she? She was a pretty nifty dancer back then it seems. A world away from "The hills are alive with the sound of.....whatever" ;-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Love your first para! :-)

I suppose, taking a world-view, and a logical one, the past 3 years of square dancing with U and P haven't seemed greatly different from any other 3 years - chaos, tragedy, idiocy and criminal minds have been as much in evidence as always. It'll be a few decades hence before events of the past 3 years develop and gel into a recognisable enough pattern, so that astrologers might be able to pinpoint how these squares have been a catalyst for change/transformation.

For individuals who "felt" the squares, or some of the squares, more or less as they happened, I hope that transformations will prove to have been beneficial in the long run, as Pluto's doings often are, given time.

The beat never stops, but it will change now - as you've indicated. Messy, probably, but different in rhythm and flavour. Interesting times still to come, then - hopefully with some positive underpinnings.