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Mystical Monday ~ Jeanne Dixon, 20th Century Psychic.

Jeanne Dixon was born this day, January 5, in 1904. She became one of America's best-known psychics during the twentieth century. She foresaw the assassination of John F. Kennedy. She had written that a Democrat would be elected US president in 1960 but would die in office, possibly by assassination. Before this she had made several successful predictions concerning "celebs" of her day, Russia's launch of Sputnik, plane crash of UN Secretary General Dag Hammerskjöld.

From New World Encyclopedia
" She also predicted that Robert Kennedy would fail in his presidential bid because of a tragedy that would occur in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where he was later assassinated. One of her most dramatic prophecies was a 1962 vision of a messianic child who would "unite all warring creeds and sects into one all-embracing faith."

She reached millions through her syndicated newspaper astrology column and a best-selling biography by Ruth Montgomery. She also wrote eight books and appeared in the 1976 TV documentary The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena.

A devout Roman Catholic, Dixon attributed her prophetic ability to God. She also had numerous critics, who pointed out that many of her most dramatic predictions never came to pass.

Jeane Dixon was born Lydia Emma Pinckert in Medford, Wisconsin and raised in Missouri and California. A Roman Catholic, she was married to James Dixon from 1939 until his death. They had no children."
Jeanne Dixon died in January 1997.

Her prediction of the birth of a "messianic child", in February 1962, when a large assembly of planets lay in Aquarius, might have been a wild guess, taking the astrological phenomenon into consideration (and that's my own wild guess!). We haven't yet seen evidence that her prediction was correct,

Dixon's natal chart from data at

Born at 2:00 PM on 5 January 1904 in Medford, Wisconsin.

Where was Dixon's psychic ability reflected in her natal chart? She had Sun in Capricorn with three personal planets in Aquarius. Capricorn and Aquarius aren't usually thought to be linked to psychic ability - sometimes Aquarius/Uranus are linked to astrology, and Jeanne Dixon was also an astrologer. The Water sign Pisces and its ruler Neptune, or Cancer, or Scorpio are thought to be part of the more usual psychic tool bag. She had Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Cancer, nice placements for a psychic, but the planets were too widely spaced to be in textbook trine aspect.

Dixon's generational Pluto in Gemini in her first house (Pluto well aspected by personal planets = potential for psychic ability) was in trine to Mars in Aquarius, but also square to Jupiter in Pisces and opposing Uranus in Sagittarius.

A bit of a mystery!

How about that Yod (Finger of Fate), shown in the small chart: it links Mercury/Saturn to Venus by sextile, and the sextiled planets to Neptune (favourite planet for psychic ability) via two 150 degree aspects. Such aspects are known as quincunx or inconjunct and individually are thought to be generally unhelpful or "irritable" aspects between planets. Most astrologers aren't very keen on the Yod formation as being helpful either. However, I've noticed many times that when a Yod appears in a natal chart it does seem to indicate a kind of "funnelling" through the Yod's apex planet, and reflects through this the talent or "gift" of the chart's native. It works very well in this case, as a funnel for Mercury (communication) and Venus (planet of the arts) through Neptune's mists, dreams and visions.


Sonny G said...

Lydia is such a beautiful name. I wonder why she changed it..

I was always amazed at how soft spoken she was or should I say spoke softly:)

I knew a local Lady a lot like her, years ago and she too had such a calm spirit and spoke softly much of the time.. Her predictions were'nt always right but the ones that were, were amazingly accurate. She told me once I was'nt using my God given intuitive gifts but that one day when I was older, I would.. I try to listen to that inner voice as much as I can but too often dont act on what it keeps whispering to me..I need to be more aware.
I wish I could have met Jean Dixon and talked to her.
thanks for another detailed report on someone. Your thoughts on it make it more special.

mike said...

In my younger days, I viewed placements and aspects as good vs bad, with good having trines and sextiles or planets in their signs, etc. Saturn and Pluto being the meanies. I seem to have taken a 180* position in my later years. Better to acknowledge and work with the difficult placements and aspects to advance oneself. Too many times have I seen very "good" placements and aspects lend an eventual downfall or non-development of the person. Overcoming difficulties seems to be the way to advance here on Earth. An easy life is stifling to growth.

As you state here, the yod is typically viewed as difficult. I can see how Dixon's yod could have tendencies to create havoc and instability...until she learned to respond to it. She made money about a spiritual-fuzzy topic (Neptune 2nd house) with publishing and writing (Mercury 9th) and it was her active work (Venus 6th). I can't tell from the chart you provided, but it looks like 11* Aquarius is her MC conj Saturn, the most elevated planet and is co-ruler of Aquarius, which fits her appeal to the mass of dire warnings for humanity.

I always look at planet-sign rulership, ie dispositors. Most astrologers appraise rulership, but for some reason, do not follow the sequence to determine final dispositor(s). In Dixon's case Jupiter in Pisces is the final dispositor, but giving Saturn co-ruler of Aquarius, she has dual final dispositors of Jupiter in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius. This, too, fits her signature of spiritual-psychic guidance.

I've always had a fondness for Jeanne Dixon and Ruth Montgomery. A number of Montgomery's predictions, particularly of Earth changes, is now upon us, particularly her prediction of weather, super-storms, and warming.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I've been aware of the name Jeanne Dixon, knew she was a psychic, but have never heard her voice, or known much about her. Her predictions were, naturally, more relevant to the USA than the UK. We had our own, UK version of Ms Dixon in a psychic named Doris Stokes, whose birthday, I've just now discovered, was 6 January (1920) - another Sun in Capricorn!

It's hard to differentiate those intuitive/psychic whispers from one's own wishes and hopes - or from simple inner guesses (which could be what intuition is anyway). :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ I see Saturn and Pluto as indicating potential difficulties rather than being outright malefic/ bad. In their wake there's usually some kind of improvement or advantage, often hard-won but substantial.

Thanks for your additional astrological points. I wonder how much JD relied on astrology for her predictions. I get the feeling she relied on it a lot.

I don't know of Ruth Montgomery - will investigate. :-)

mike (again) said...

Re JD using astrology for predictions...yes, I've read some of her books and she was an astrologer and made predictions based on the chart AND intuition-psychic input. We've touched upon this in past posts; I believe there are quite a number of astrologers that use astrology as a divination tool...sorta like a crystal ball or tea leaves. It's their chosen medium for expression of greater sensitivities. Perhaps it makes them more comfortable utilizing a method that contains some form of logic to base their perceptions upon.

Interesting too, that with the newer concepts of the quantum multi-universe, everything amounts to probabilities. Psychics have always said that predetermination did not exist and their predictions were dependent on the passage of time and the interaction of variables. Any prediction offered was only good for that moment and the conditions for that moment, and the outcome was more likely the closer to the time of the predicted event. Our modern quantum physics states the same.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I don't think I've come across that thought before - that a prediction is only good for the moment and conditions under which it was made.

Interaction of variables (and imponderables) are the flies in the ointment of astrological prediction too.

I'd have thought though, that if a psychic worked via visions or dreams or spirit messages (rather than using astrology or tarot etc) that it would mean the psychic is "seeing" the event in progress - time travelling in her mind - so shouldn't that type of prediction or prophecy be a little different, and not dependent on variables?

mike (again) said...

You asked, "... so shouldn't that type of prediction or prophecy be a little different, and not dependent on variables?" Personally, I haven't a clue...LOL. I have always had a problem discerning whether we have free will or not. Accurately predicting the future would tend to imply that we do NOT have free will and the future is set in stone. According to Einstein, time is relative to the observer, or "the present" is relative to the observer [an observer on a rocket ship traveling near the speed of light will experience "the present" differently than an observer on planet Earth}...time is a construct rather than a reality. We may be living in the past, present, and future all at once, and just not know it! With that in mind, then we are living scripted existences and psychics have the ability to read the future page of the script.

Several psychics I've read state that they sometimes get predictions wrong due to the probability factor. These psychics claim we do have free will and that is what interferes with the psychic's ability to predict 100% correctly. Dixon had some incredibly accurate predictions, but some bloopers, too! I'm not aware of any psychic with total accuracy.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Thanks for your additional thoughts on this.

Yes, there's the prickly issue of free will. If a true psychic experiences a vision of the future though, almost as if he/she were a passenger on a time-travelling train, looking out of the window, the choices, made through free will, will already have been made...I think.

Perhaps there are different types of psychic prediction - one we might categorise as "pure" (the time travelling kind), and the other dependent on something identifiable in the present - such as astrology, tarot, entrails of an ox, tea leaves, lines on palm of a hand, bumps on a head etc.
In #1 category choices have been made - that IS the future which the choice brought about.
In category #2 those are predictions made as of a moment in time, and are still subject to variables and imponderables.

Maybe that makes no sense - but thought I'd throw it in anyway.
We've just finished watching the final episode of the final season of "Torchwood" - I'm feeling dizzily sci-fi with thoughts of time and mortality or eternal life and Captain Jack Harkness skidding around in my head. ;-)

Rashidha said...

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Twilight said...

Rashidha ~ It's discourteous to use someone's blog to advertise, without adding anything to the ongoing conversation. I'll leave your advert here this time, but only this one time.