Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Out of Place

When words failed me I went looking at photographs in husband's Flickr account - his own, not from his vintage collection. I spotted several scattered around depicting stuff that is, somehow or other, out of place.
(Clicking on the photos will take you back to Flickr and a larger version.)

There husband was, with me in Tenerife, Canary Islands, with Mount Teide in the background - out of place item, as well as Himself, is The Duncan Banner - local newspaper from his hometown in Oklahoma.

A blade from a wind turbine on the ground instead of in the air - with me posing to provide some scale.

This bus was spotted abandoned in a field in northern Oklahoma, middle of nowhere, out of place even if it had been used as a dwelling at some point. I wonder if Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) were ever around this area?

Pianist in a street in York, England - good thing it wasn't raining that day!

Hmm - what to say here? Don't faucet?

In the foyer of an abandoned cinema. I love this photograph - don't know quite why.

Gorgeous bird in a tree, not an out of place situation for most birds, but it surely is for most of this variety. Seen in Luckenbach, Texas on a day when we went looking for ghosts of, as the song says, "Waylon, Willie and the boys". We found a good group of musicians playing in the yard below the tree.

Yeah, well....


This gorgeous Painted Bunting visited our feeders one afternoon after a storm, some years ago. This isn't a bird often seen around these parts, he must have been blown off course I guess.

Horn from a vintage motor car preserved, well out of place in a frame; bought by me from an antique/art dealer in Guthrie, Oklahoma years ago.


mike said...

I've felt out of place most of my that I'm much older, out of place feels like in place.

Many years ago while living briefly in Houston, walking in a very urban environment completely cemented-over, I came across a magnificent tomato plant with fruits dangling, growing out of a small crack between the sidewalk and an old, run-down building. There was a hamburger shack half a block down the road, so I suspect a rogue tomato seed from someone's burger made the most of the available opportunity.

Twilight said...

mike ~ As long as I'm in my body, I think I'm in my right place - don't care what others might think - yes, that does come with age. :-/

The tomato seed story reminded me of seeing flowers and even trees, springing incongruously from rocks and rubble, and from sheer rock cliffs, when we've out and about in rocky areas. I looked for a photo of one such, I know there's at least one, but too many to plough through.