Monday, July 28, 2014

Music Monday ~ Planetarily & Stout-heartedly

In researching my post for tomorrow I came across an author on astrology I'd not seen before:
Edwin L. (Ed) Rose. Mr Rose, who died in 2010 wrote Planetary Music: Understanding Astrological Rhythms (1998). See it at Amazon here. He also wrote the book I'll be mentioning in tomorrow's post.

An obituary is at Solstice Point, where I discovered that Mr Rose was born on 25 January 1947 in New York City - a fellow-first decan Aquarius Sun then. I'm glad I found him, but sad it had to be via his obituary. I intend to buy his books, both of which sound to be "right up my street".

Planetary music is one thing, earth-bound music, though a distant relative once or twice removed, is something we can all recognise.

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the birth of Sigmund Romberg. I was a fan of his compositions during my early teenage, but wasn't fully aware of it at the time, the composer being overshadowed by performers, in this case, Mario Lanza and Gordon MacRae. My first two LPs (long-playing records) included music from all three of Romberg's best known compositions.

Sigmund Romberg was born July 29, 1887, in Nagykanizsa, Austria-Hungary (now Hungary). He died November 9, 1951, in New York. His compositions include several successful operettas including The Student Prince, New Moon, The Desert Song, with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and others.

I loved every track on both my LPs, still do in fact. A number from New Moon remains a special favourite, it unfailingly gets the blood pounding through my veins. Lyrics were written by Oscar Hammerstein II. Here it is ~

Stout Hearted Men (we're sorely in need of a few of these in Washington DC). Gorgeous Gordon's version first, then a rather unexpected version by Barbra Streisand.


mike said...

"stout-hearted men who will fight for the right they adore"...I fear that we have way too many stout-hearted men on both sides of the aisle fighting the good fight in these polarizing times of late. The definition of right and not-right lies in the eyes of the beholder...I always get a kick out of the ones doing it for their particular god, which indemnifies them.

I like Barbra's version.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Lyrics, and life, could be better, sans rhyme, if the stout-hearted men were fighting for "the left they adore" (lol) Trouble is, nobody seems to adore the left, or even remember what it really is, and why.

I like Barbra's version too.

Re your observation "their particular god", it brought to mind a Tweet from a Tweeter who goes by the name of "God" - I follow him/her because of their witty Tweets. The other day "God's" Tweet was ~

"All this killing in My name makes Me feel very loved"

mike (again) said...

Apropos tweet from Him-Her-It...LOL. So, how long have you been receiving direct-line messages, Twilight? Does anyjazz know about this? Is the conversation other words, do you also receive tweets from Dick Cheney?

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Hmm - a month or two ago I "found God" (lol!) on Twitter by accident, and decided to add him to the 2 handfuls of people I "follow" there. (I regularly inform anyjazz what "God" is telling us - aj enjoys a good laugh).

Let's see, who else do I "follow"? Al Gore, Dennis Kucinich, Damian Lewis, Bryan Cranston, Matthew Rozsa, God, Very British Problems, and my favourite Sun sign astrologer Jonathan Cainer.

Most of these don't "tweet" very often, nor do they flood me with annoying "re-tweets" from others , so they have survived.
Many, in the past, have been cancelled within the hour.

3 unknowns follow me, for some unknown reason - possibly experimenting with Twitter.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Another of "God's" recent tweets-

Note to Self: Next time, no Middle East

Twilight said...

mike ~ Maybe an unknown follower is Cheney in disguise - "get thee behind me!"

mike (again) said...

As they say, it's not what you know, but who you follow.