Sunday, May 25, 2014

By Request - Chart of a Special Lady

Natal chart of Lizzie Velasquez, born in Austin Texas on 13 March 1989. Chart is set for 12 noon as no time of birth available.

Relevant Huffington Post article.

Wikipedia's page on Lizzie.


mike said...

Thank you so much, Twilight! I'm always fascinated by individuals that have horrific disabilities that would crumble me...I'm humbled when I contrast my daily concerns against these special people and their accomplishments. Lizzie has a chronic, life-threatening disease that has a physical manifestation, which induces a pathology in some viewers.

At first glance, her natal chart appears relatively calm...not too busy with aspects. She lacks the Fire element of vitality and minimal Fixed signs...not good for physical health. All planets except Pluto are in the Southern hemisphere, houses 7 to 12...she has a keen interest in other people, outer-world, and social interactions.

Mars conjunct Jupiter (in detriment) square North Node conjunct Mercury (in detriment)...Jupiter and Mercury in mutual reception. I think this aspect is what keeps her from retreating (Pisces) from the world...she would be keenly aware (Gemini and Mercury) of taking action (Mars) to subvert her sensitivities (Pisces). Uranus is inconjunct Mars-Jupiter and sextile North Node-Mercury...this may allow her to react strongly to the inhumanity of others' reaction to her appearance and to use her situation to be a "poster child".

Venus (exalted) sextile Saturn (in rulership) conjunct Neptune...trine Pluto (transformation)...these aspects would give her tremendous compassion for others while over-looking her own impairments. She would have a strong desire to bring relief (Pisces, Scorpio), security, discipline, and social reform (Saturn, Capricorn) to heal the wound (Pluto, Scorpio). Interesting that she is using herself as the means to highlight the illness of bullying...a very Piscean sacrifice...turning the tables on the bullies and highlighting the social injustice.

I have tremendous admiration for this soul...I hope she continues to thrive. She has transiting Pluto over her natal Saturn-Neptune currently, which seems to be pushing her desire to "film" (Neptune) a documentary and social message (Saturn) for the world (Pluto). When transiting Pluto went over her natal Uranus, she came into world-view. Pluto will sextile her natal Pluto next year, so I think
her Pluto transits will be beneficial to her cause. Perhaps a personal, psychologically healing time for her.

Thanks again, Twilight! It isn't often we mortals see these special creations, though they abound, if we look and stop our judgements.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - Her Moon is in Gemini 15* plus or minus 6*. This probably allows her to not take things too personally and execute emotions via mental rationalization.

I just looked at Isabel Hickey's "Astrology, A Cosmic Science":

"Uranus in Capricorn
...The health is affected if the person doesn't resolve the conflict by deciding whether he is going to be a Saturnian or Uranian. He cannot have it both ways. The physical body is the terminal point of mental and emotional disturbance and with Uranus in this sign difficulties are apt to be in the stomach and digestive system. The inability to digest experience where the psychological equipment is concerned manifests as ulcers and digestive problems in the physical body."

Wow...Lizzie is severely underweight due to a genetic inability to digest food properly.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for suggesting this.
What an inspirational lady Lizzie is!
I hope too that she can continue to thrive. Whilst I understand her reasons for her unwillingness to undergo treatment which might bring about even a partial improvement of her health situation, I do wish she'd reconsider. The world needs people like her.

Regarding the natal chart - You've covered just about all.

Depending on exact position of Moon there could be a Yod linking Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Scorpio, in sextile, to Moon in Gemini via 2 quincunx aspects. I'd interpret that as her restrictions and transformative potential being manifested, put to use, via her communicative abilities.

I read recently that some astrologers do not think the Yod is a pattern worth considering. I don't agree....but what do I know!?

The Uranus in Capricorn interpretation by Ms Hickey is an amazingly good fit here, to the absolute extreme.

Lizzie was a premature baby. I wonder (idly) whether any astrological research has been done on premature babies in general.

Lizzie has a website:

mike (again) said...

Good catch on the yod, Twilight. I agree with you...I don't discount the yod...something special when two inconjuncts have one focal point.

Re premature baby astrological research...I haven't read about anything along those lines. When I read Hickey's interpretation of Uranus in Capricorn, I wondered about astrological research into progeria, which Lizzie has a subset form. Progeria is premature ageing, so Saturn and Capricorn would seem likely prominent in some fashion. [never quite sure about the word "ageing"...or "aging"...both are listed as correct!]

I certainly appreciate this woman's panache and attitude. Sometimes it hits me that so many people in the world would love to have my petty, mundane concerns that can immobilize me. Adversity can kill or it can bring tremendous verve and opportunity to an's up to each of us to choose our misery and joy.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Progeria being rare, I doubt there has been much astrological research done yet.

I had a quick look around re premature births. There's a piece at Star IQ - Here's one para:

...The physical difficulties that preemies face are daunting. In addition to being born with underdeveloped lungs and other organs, they have a higher than average risk for cerebral palsy, heart problems, mental retardation, hearing loss and blindness. These physical challenges are reflected astrologically in their birth charts. A recent astrological study** showed that a significant percentage of preemies are born under difficult aspects to their natal Sun, which represents physical health. The most common afflicting aspects are from Saturn and Neptune. This study showed that preemies were three times more likely than the average person to be born with Sun conjunct Neptune or with Saturn square their Sun. Compared with full-term births, preemies were twice as likely to be born with Saturn conjunct their Sun or with Neptune square their Sun. Mars is another astrological indicator of physical development, and this planet is typically challenged by Saturn or Neptune in the birth charts of preemies...........

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Someone in an old thread at the Linda Goodman forum wrote this re premature birth:

Saturn rules time and Neptune is about dissolve. Maybe Neptune and Saturn in aspect as well are about the dissolve of time, somehow canceling out when one 'should' be born?

Lizzie has Neptune&Saturn tightly conjoined.

mike (again) said...

I'm always amazed at the amount of astrological research that has been performed and the statistical correlations made, yet somehow astrology is delegated to the snake-oil roadshow.

Very interesting findings about the astrological correlations of premature births, Twilight. I can understand the Sun-Saturn relationship, but wouldn't have thought the Sun-Neptune correlation. Lizzie, with her Saturn-Neptune very tight conjunction, does have that aspect quintile to her Sun, for what that's worth...LOL.

mike (again) said...

Her Uranus in Capricorn is quintile Venus, which is loosely conjunct her Sun. I usually avoid the 5th harmonic (quintile) and 7th (septile), but there are many astrologers that put much importance on those. The interpretation of those two harmonics is sparse. I would have to say that the 360* circle can be neatly divided by 5 to equal 72*, but by 7 to not-neatly equal 51.6*. So, I'm a bit more willing to accept quintile than septile.

Twilight said...

mike (again)~ I know. Well, it gives 'em something to sneer about - keeps the ill feeling away from something else they'd have to find to take aim at I guess.

I've never investigated quintiles, or any other-tiles and harmonics, but don't see any reason why quintiles wouldn't have some significance, especially as 72 is divisible by 6, and 6 seems to be some kind of "magic" number. That came up somewhere recently, but now don't recall where.

LB said...

What a capable and inspiring spokesperson Lizzie is in her quest to change people's attitudes about beauty as well the online environment by trying to make it a kinder, friendlier (and safer) place.

This is such a wise use of her Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. I've watched several of her videos and especially appreciate how she encourages us to support one another instead of bullying back - and to leave the bully alone. Lizzie's Mars is *exactly* conjunct my own natal Mars/Part of Fortune conjunction in the 9th, while her South Node is *exactly* conjunct my 12th house Pluto in Virgo - so her message resonates very strongly with me!

On the topic of quintiles, the transiting North Node is forming a biquintile with Lizzie's Mars and Jupiter right now, which may attract supporters who help her accomplish things she couldn't have accomplished on her own.

Twilight said...

LB ~ I hope the current astro-atmosphere does draw some extra help Lizzie's way, for whatever she needs.

Her capabilities and inspirational talents seem like something akin to the extra attributes, sensitivities, gifts, of which people who are blind or deaf often find themselves in possession - nature's balancing act.