Tuesday, November 05, 2013


I'd overlooked that today is
5 November - Guy Fawkes' Day in the UK. I've just read about the
Million Mask March taking place in cities around the world.

Supporters of the Anonymous hacktivist collective are holding rallies all around the world on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day. They are protesting against what they see as the rule of greedy corporations and corrupt governments around the world.

Live updates at the link above. Note: Russell Brand is taking part in the London March!
Good on y'all!


mike said...

Well, I'm out of the loop! If I hadn't read it here, I'd not have known. I did visit your link and several statements are made that the media isn't supporting this...obviously. It appears to be a twitter phenomenon, which would explain why I didn't receive an invite!

Twilight said...

mike ~ I saw it on Twitter this afternoon - couldn't find word of it then anywhere else but at the link I posted. Dang! Still no word anywhere else? But doesn't that say something about our flippin' bought-off media?

ex-Chomp said...

Personally I do think that up to the moment in which public debate will not change its priorities and up to the moment in which the Anonymous will not attack and publish the very **codices** of informatic transactions and movements, in other words up to the moment in which an abruptness does not happen even the best good will will finds its will down in drops, failing to find a unity, a centre in its will.

Twilight said...

ex-Chomp ~ Every little will help though. It'll be a slow, gradual development - we're barely past the beginning at present.