Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Che Guevara ~ Cans of Worms....

Mention of the character "Che" in Broadway's new version of Evita (yesterday's post) had me pondering on the real Che - Guevara - and his natal chart. This has been the subject of confusion - still is according to some websites.

Originally Che Guevara was thought to have been born on 14 June 1928, a date still carried by some online sources. It seems, though, that his mother, during research for a biography of Che, admitted that his birthdate had been adjusted to avoid embarrassment over his having been conceived before his mother and father were married. His real birthdate is, according to his mother's word, 14 May 1928, and according to one source to have taken place at around dawn that day.

Astrodatabank has Che's birth time set for 3.05 AM, which seems a little early for dawn, but is perhaps a rectification. It does put Aries ascending - very appropriate - but even more apt is Uranus on the ascendant at 6 Aries. Astrodatabank's brief bio and chart are here (click on chart illustration for more detail).

A birth date of 14 May tells us that his natal Sun was in Taurus, which doesn't immediately bring to mind a revolutionary individual - more likely an artist or musician, albeit a fairly stubborn one. Everything we know about Che has to rely upon his Fiery Aries rising, with revolutionary Uranus close to the ascendant angle.

But....there's something else to consider, something that I've not seen mentioned anywhere, so far: Che was born in Argentina, so in the southern hemisphere. Here's a can of worms to open!

I recall contributing to debates online, some years ago, about whether the zodiac signs might "flip" in the southern hemisphere, or become modified, be in some way different from their interpretation in the northern hemishere. The northern hemisphere, after all, is where the interpretations were first developed. There was never any unanimous decision from these discussions. I do remember the contributions of an astrologer who lived in the southern hemisphere, and had spent time in the northern hemisphere, telling us that she had definitely sensed a difference in the way the signs manifested in the personality from one hemisphere to the other. Not a complete "flip" to the opposite sign (i.e. Taurus to Scorpio, Aquarius to Leo etc.) but a certain modification.

Che, to my way of thinking, would be a good example of a complete "flip" taking place: Sun in Taurus to Sun in Scorpio. He seems far more Scorpionic than Taurean, yet there are no planets in Scorpio in his natal chart as calculated for the northern hemisphere. Flipping the rising sign would bring Libra to the ascending degre. Che was reported to have had a charming, charismatic personality.....that fits. Uranus would still be on an angle, so still strong, on the descending angle.

Anyway - it's something to chew on..... I intend to do so!

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