Sunday, November 06, 2011

"...Hippies Were Right" (non-astro)

Just this video today: (Exceptionally well made and presented)



R J Adams said...

We always knew we were right, didn't we? We've seen this crisis coming for fifty years.

Off-topic, I do hope you weren't effected by 'the earthquake'?

Anonymous said...

GP: Joining RJ Adams in hoping the eartquake left you unharmed.

PS. In conservative Oklahoma, maybe who's protesting, and sleepeing under a tent receives some heavenly recompensation: no need to worry about earthquakes...

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ I can't claim having ever been a hippie - but I was with 'em in spirit. :-)

We felt the earthquake - my husband was standing and felt the shakes - thought he was having a dizzy spell. I was seated and didn't feel it, but saw a lamp shake and an ornament on a spring wobbled for long after the shaking stopped.

We had nasty storms through the night last night.... "something's happening here, but we don't know what it is....."

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~ Yes, no harm done, we were not close to the epicenter. It was the strongest in recorded history for Oklahoma. "Interesting" times eh!

Thanks for thinking of too RJ!