Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Astrology FAQs - the website

It's always good to discover a new (to me) astro-voice. I happened upon a website I'd not seen before the other day:, and enjoyed the read.

So, spreading the word:

From the website:
About the author
Titan O'Connell is many things. Aside from being a cheerful giant that no one forgets, Titan is a professional software engineer of many years with powers of logic that rival those of Mister Spock. Some say he likes astrology to balance his computer programming side, but he would tell you about the similarities between these two forms of wizardry. A native of the state of Vermont, Titan is among the many interesting, creative, and outside-the-box people that reside nestled among the beautiful Green Mountains. Also a growing health nut, Titan boasts of never having even tried any illicit drugs with alcohol and caffeine being the worst he has used. He continues to study astrology and hopes to make a solid contribution to the subject in time.

There are sections headed as follows:
What is astrology?
Astrology is not a religion.
Astrology is not a science.
Astrology isn't even necessarily spiritual.
Astrology is not a rip-off.
Astrology is not the daily horoscopes you see in the newspaper.
Can astrology advice apply to everybody?
Where does astrology come from?
How does astrology work?
Why does astrology work?
Is astrology consistent?
Is astrology inconsistent?
Is astrology inconsistent with astronomy?
Why is astrology not widely accepted?
Why write this FAQ?


Gian Paul said...

Excellent reading, T. and thanks!

Considering that the author was born into a hippy-family (he sais so) even very civilzed and high-level...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's science and spiritual...sorry to disagreed with that article.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Glad you like it. I enjoyed reading there.

(LOL - hippies come/came in all shades and levels, I guess) ;-)

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~ It's fine. We all see astrology in a different light - and....nobody REALLY knows.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court has already considered the issue and ruled that astrology is science.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ In India, it appears to be so - for some people, perhaps. Thank you for the link.

I stand by my own opinion: nobody REALLY knows what astrology is...all we have are theories and assumptions, in spite of what courts may rule.

Furthermore, nobody really knows, for sure, about anything in this life, except that one day, we all will die. :-)

Anonymous said...

Interesting, you posted a lot about astrological informaiton on your blog since 2006 and yet you do NOT know what astrology. weird.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ I have always believed that astrology holds a secret that we, as yet, do not understand. I write this blog on that basis. I write about my own views, formed from what I observe and what I read.

What I observe could well be misinterpreted by me, I make no claim otherwise. My reading matter consists of the views of other people - who could also be misinterpreting what they pretend to know, or experience.

Seeking for answers....that's all.