Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Astonishing Correlations: Facebook vs. World War I

GUEST POST by Gian Paul

Facebook, launched on Feb. 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his friends at Harvard, just celebrated it's 500 millionth adherent. Revenues for Facebook should surpass $1.1 billion this year and Apple/Microsoft and others may soon get into mega-battles to gobble it up before it get's too expensive to do so.

On May 20, this year, Facebook carried to all it's subscribers and fans Draw Mohammed Day. Success was mitigated, I think. Business-wise at least. Pakistan took Facebook off the free net and subsequently introduced a "censured" version. So did other countries.

Over half of Facebook adherents are non - American, 70% at the last tally. Free speech is what the Draw Mohammed Day was propagating, so it must sound like a threat to many Muslim regimes. Iran obviously and others, more moderate, also non-Muslim (China).

World War I started on 28 of June 1914 in Sarajevo by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. That horrible war, 5 years later, put an end to the Ottoman Empire, the biggest ever existing Muslim "world power".

Once before I'd been intrigued by the date of the start of World War I. And had predicted (posted in Astrologymundo some 6 weeks before) that some type of war action was imminent in Kashmir, which had gained it's - subsequently lost - "independence" on Aug. 15, 1947, jointly with India/Pakistan. The Mumbai attacks on Nov. 26, 2008 occurred when Pluto was opposite his own position of the Sarajevo assassination and
Neptune had gone direct to cross in opposition the place where the Sun was when Kashmere/Pakistan/India gained their independence from England.

In retrospect I think it was more intuition than science which had guided me. But it's again back in my mind, try to explain?!

Back to Facebook and Drawing Mohammed Day:

The day Facebook was launched, Feb. 4, 2004, there were astrologically speaking very strong aspects (by "heavy" planets and far beyond statistical probability) on the "Sarajevo Assassination" map: Saturn conjunct Sun; Uranus in opposition Mars (less than 1 degr. divergence); Neptune conjunct Uranus (1 degree divergence) and foremost Pluto opposition Saturn, exact, 1.5 minutes divergence only!

On May 20, when Facebook carried the Draw Mohammed Contest around the world, irritating many Muslims, obviously, the Sarajevo map received the following major transits, again far bejond any statistical probability:

Mars opposes Jupiter (1 degree divergence) - Uranus squares Pluto ( 1 degree divergence) and really ominous, Pluto opposes Sun at also less than 1 degree.

This is EXPLOSIVE STUFF. And Facebook (or who is behind and manipulating) knows it. Here are merely shown the astrological facts and evidence that should be a warning to thread this path of "helping the freedom of the press" a bit more lightly.

In my opinion there is no point in provoking against the innate (automatic) beliefs and instincts of many Muslims (the simply devout and the fanatics). The risk being of turning the simple and sincere ones all into fanatics as well.

Facebook is not without it's adversaries in the liberal world, mostly because of privacy concerns. Imagine what that can represent in "lesser developed" societies! But privacy is one subject, frontally attacking another's idol (Mohammed in this case), is another.

The Aquarian Age, supposedly promising "brotherhood, peace and understanding" to the many may have to face some moral issues of mutual tolerance which really, one might have thought, belong to the Dark Ages.


Twilight said...

The risk being of turning the simple and sincere ones all into fanatics as well.

This is the awful danger, but some people refuse to see it.

Interesting piece GP.

I realise that Facebook is helpful to many as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends, yet I've felt from the start that there's something a wee bit dark and "not quite right" about it. Just me and my gut-feelings. ;-)

gian paul said...

Authorship of Facebook is being disputed in court now. Looks like a messy affair. Also it's IPO has been postponed to 2012.

The "mountains of money" it looks like to be now may by then turn out to be a little hill. Good for the hen and geese to have a look from a bit higher up. Technology goes so fast, in this field at least, that some competitor may just come out with a smarter product. But the moral issues remain the same.

Michelle said...

How ironic, I was here to ask if you are on Facebook. I don't like it, but I am a member and do find the link sharing easy and useful. I have two items on recent cosmic activity up on Facebook I want to sebnd you. I'll email them. :-)

Twilight said...

Michelle ~~~ Hi there! I'll enjoy reading those, and will use them later in a blog - perhaps. Many thanks for passing them on. :-)

Fabienne Lopez said...

Hi Twilight:

It is a very interesting correlation you make.Being a foreigner and a Facebook user, I find it, useful to connect with friends and fellow astrologer from all over the world, while at the same time, I am utterly turned off by its lack of cultural sensitivity. I contrast their attitude with Orkut, a similar social site, extremely popular in Latin America, especially Brazil, and in India.
It seems to me that Orkut better understands their social role than Facebook, who, in the American way of doing things, is more preoccupied with business, advertising, and generating revenue, than listening to their customers.
Maybe a look at the Mercury and Uranus of both companies would shed some light? What do you think? A possible future post?

Twilight said...

Fabienne ~~~ Hi there! Thank you for your comment. This post was written by a Guest Blogger and on-line friend, Gian Paul, who lives in Brazil. He will, I feel sure be glad to respond.
I'll let him know of your comment in case he misses it.

I din't know of Orkut, but will investigate.

Thanks again. :-)

gian paul said...

Fabienne, thanks for giving Orkut some credit. Agreed, they are more mature. Facebook is still very young, experimenting and an easy prey to whom wants to manipulate them.

In this "beginning of the Aquarian Age" there fatally will occur some mistakes and lapses. And who knows, astrologers may have a vantage point of observation to help correct what needs to change course. It's like "putting up the spinnaker" on a sailing - boat. If done at the right moment, the wind will do the rest.

Will have a look at Mercury/Uranus as per your suggestion. Only give me a help with the starting date of Orkut, if you can, please. On this blog.

Fabienne Lopez said...

Hi Gian Paul:

According to Wikipedia, Orkut was launched on January 24, 2004.

Vanilla Rose said...

I see it as having wonderful potential for people in my situation. It has helped me to reconnect with people and to better connect with family members with whom the connection was not as good as it now is.

(Of course, not everyone uses it in a good way. It's a tool. All or nearly all tools can be misused in the wrong hands, just as every medicine has side effects.)

Finding it useful doesn't mean I have to agree with the people who run it. And indeed, there are many Facebook groups about what people don't like about Facebook.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~~ Oh yes, I realise that millions of people enjoy Facebook, for very good reasons.

My dislike of it is simply a personal reaction. I'm not a seriously social person anyway - Despite what astrologers say about Aquarius Sun folks enjoying belonging to groups.... I don't.

Facebook is group oriented. I feel that blogging more compatible with my nature. Some can do both though.

gian paul said...

Orkut, Fabienne, was launched only 10 days prior to Facebook. In such a case, I estimate, that without having the houses at disposal, any interpretation becomes risky, except for the slow transits.

In that sense, Orkut potentially could be used or "abused" in the same way as Facebook. Nevertheless, I have more confidence in whom launched Orkut to fend off any nasty stuff.

gian paul said...

Orkut/Facebook: at a second thought, Facebook's time of launching appears less favorable than Orkut's, looking at the Moon's position:

For Orkut, Moon was conjunct Uranus (1 degr. Pisces: the popular joining the innovative. For Facebook, Moon was opposite Mercury (25 degr. Capricorn): Emotion opposing intelligence. Or at least "a source of equivocation".

Fabienne Lopez said...

Hi GP:

Thanks for the analysis. Maybe another way of looking at the potential for abuse between Orkut and FB would be to compare the Moon on the charts of Brazil and USA and whatever transit is Pluto making in the charts of these countries. Just an idea.

gian paul said...

I would not get to concerned about abuse in this matter.

What's now turning out to become really big stuff is the alliance between Google and Verizon: Could be similar to what the "Robber Barons" have done in the past. Watch out!