Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WHAT IF.........

What if a nuclear conflagration were to take place on Earth, resulting in the complete annihilation of the human race? The planet would be left devastated for many thousands of years. What if, eventually, after a minor hit from a small asteroid which carried spores from outer space, a form of life began to take root, mingling with whatever remained among the formerly radioactive rubble? Several more millennia would pass with lifeforms becoming more sophisticated and intelligent, though in no way similar in form to the human race. Would the sensibilities of these beings still be governed by the same planets, Sun and Moon, seasons and cycles as we are, we the human race ? Would the same astrological imprints still endow similar benefits and drawbacks. Would there still be that tiny seed of hatred embedded, that same seed which we all carry within us? Are we, as a race, warts and all, simply as we are because of our particular physical place in the universe? And would any other developed race spawned on this planet have the same problems because of the planetary setup?

The price we pay for the beauty of the Earth and its benefits is that its human inhabitants carry a mix of characteristics capable, at worst, of destroying themselves. If, as astrologers believe, these characteristics are governed (in part) by the physical situation of our planet Earth, and how it relates to celestial bodies surrounding it, then nothing will ever change fundamentally - only superficially. Wars and hatred will always be a part of life on Earth, the features of its inhabitants, uniforms and figureheads may change, but the core drive of hatred (and greed) will remain, always.

If this is so, then the only way for a better world would be to find another planet capable of supporting life, with a different planetary setup surrounding it. There's a snag though. What if the human race did de-camp from Earth - a different setup would not necessarily be a better one, and and it could take thousands of years to discover the new astrological workings. Humans born there might have less, or even none, of our good traits and more of our bad ones. In any case, that scenario is not likely to happen.

We have to carry on "playing with the hand fate dealt us". It's a gamble, and gamblers do very occasionally win, even with the odds against them.


Wisewebwoman said...

Highly thought provoking, T. My personal viewpoint is that the world and our existence on it is but a blip on the scale. I read a book called "The World Without Us" which was fascinating. Are we a failed experiment?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Sure thing - a blip on then a blip off, then flatlining for a while before the next round begins.

I doubt we're an experiment, but if we are, and a failed one, then why didn't the experimenter(s) close us down before we can do untold damage not only to ourselves but to the solar system and beyond?
May be they will.....maybe at present we're a source of amusement. ;-)

R J Adams said...

I think our little solar system could stand annihilation without it disturbing the rest of the universe one iota. If, as Darwin suggested, we're the fruit of evolution, then there is little hope for us. Greed is good for evolution, but bad for the human race. To suggest any supreme beings might be interested in us - even as an experiment - is to grant ourselves way too much importance.
We will, without doubt, exterminate ourselves eventually, or at least impoverish our race to such a degree it'll mean a return to Neolithic conditions for those who survive. More likely, our irrational desire for a personal brand of divine immortality will destroy the planet utterly, and the human race with it. No-one 'out there' will shed a tear when we do. Such is the vastness of space, it's probably a constant happening.
Oh, and while gamblers do occasionally win, over the course of time they always, always, lose.

anthonynorth said...

My interest in Ufology brought me to a definite answer on our wars and tech. In asking what any aliens would be like who visited us, I came to the conclusion they would be benevolent. This is because they would have had to pass the planetary test - that in developing tech so powerful that they could wipe themselves out, they would either fail and do so, or come to terms with themselves and thrive in the universe.
I suspect we're approaching the test.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ I fear that you are right. Yet some gamblers do manage to make a living doing what they do, balancing losses and gains, never becoming filthy rich, but not becoming destitute either. That must take great strength of mind though, a strength we, as a race probably don't possess. But humans could at least aim for it.

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~~ Yes, I think so; perhaps not this year, or next, but soon.