Saturday, October 03, 2009


I look on it as a daily necessity to check "People of Walmart" to make sure nobody has presented a shot of me or himself or both of us (chuckles!) It could happen. We must remember, from now on, never to go shopping in our jammies, and his dinky lion's head slippers.

I saw these two photographs earlier in the week (29 September) and thought:

"Could that barcode on the guy's head be his astrological data - scan it and a beautiful natal chart appears in hologram?" It might be a thing of the distant future - a prediction waiting to happen.

"And is the tall guy in the other photograph an astrologer?" With a tie like that he ought to be, either that or he should be arrested by the fashion police. To be honest, I do quite like that tie, he's brave to wear it, and I'm brave to admit to liking it. Wonder if he has Sun in Aquarius?

After discovering "The Funny Times" the other day I decided to subscribe. A monthly dose of cartoon humour could be a useful antidote to newspapers, on-line and off, which tend to raise blood pressure. We impatiently await our first issue, but in the meantime I hope the paper's publishers and the author of this cartoon strip, Eric Per1in will allow my inclusion of this example. It's from from sometime in 2008, I think. Threre's a point embedded in it, one which could vary depending on one's own point of view....:


PS~~~~ My desktop computer crashed on Friday morning, I'm using the laptop until techs at our local computer shop can diagnose what went wrong, and whether or not I've lost everything on the hard drive. Typographical errors and other nonsensities might emerge more often than usual now, so - apologies in advance!


anthonynorth said...

An enjoyable fun post :-) I'd love a world where the only people we can be bigoted about are bigots - Oh, and where computers always work right.

Twilight said...

anthonynorth~~~Ta! And Amen, AN!

R J Adams said...

I seem to recollect it's not so long since your computer crashed last time? What do you do to them?

And you're quite right, no astrologer has ever started a war, or led a bloody crusade.

I guess you must all be harmless cranks. ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ LOL! Well my prevous one had lasted for around 4 years, and is still kind of workable -ish. But I eventually bought a re-furbished Dell, with both economy and the environment in mind. That may have been a mistake - or maybe not. We'll see when the techs have had a look at the damage.

LOL again - I'm not a proper astrologer so I'm not a proper crank - but like your namesake's book, I'm "Mostly Harmless" (on a good day!) :-)