Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Goes Around, Comes Around

Two things arrive on the scene at regular intervals, as if driven by clockwork - or astrology: trouble in the Middle East and controversy arising from something Ann Coulter has written or said.

Current trouble in the Middle East isn't something I feel qualified to write about. I've been aware of similar break-outs in the area since my early adulthood in the 1950s. Knowledgeable folk put forward their theories, blame is laid. As I see it there is fault on both sides, and it is not in the place of those of us uninvolved to judge. Memories in the Middle East are long, and wounds remain from previous outbreaks which probably fire much of the current one. My heart breaks for children caught in the crossfire on both sides. This should never, ever happen - anywhere.

I'll concentrate on the other recurring event: Ann Coulter. Current controversy stems from mocking remarks she makes about Michelle Obama in her recently published book. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks comment on the situation in their article: "Four Reasons Why Ann Coulter Has No Business Mocking Michelle Obama"

Ann Coulter's natal chart is set for 12 noon as no time of birth is known.

Astrologers have interpreted Ms Coulter's chart in the past, at times of her previous tactless blunders. The consensus seemed to be that the main source of her poison pen is natal Sun, squished tightly between belligerent Mars and communicative Mercury, square to, and challenged by, intense and potentially poisonous Pluto.

Conservative Saturn is strong in its own sign, Capricorn, too, and manages to cancel out much of the philosophical and happy go lucky attitudes of her Sagittarius cluster. Sagittarius is also known for bluntness and excess of course, but not, I would have thought, outright nastiness.

This is another instance of "too much of a good thing". It's similar in some ways to the way Sarah Palin's Aquarius cluster manifests. When there's a lot of one sign present in a chart, things seem to become unbalanced and flip over into the negative. I'm sure this doesn't happen in all cases, other factors: background, circumstance and opportunity have their effects too.

I can find no time of birth for Ms Coulter. I wouldn't be surprised to see Saturn close to the ascendant or midheaven. She has the angular face and jaw I've often noticed in Capricorn men, and some women. If she were born after 9pm, Moon would have moved into Capricorn, still leaving a cluster of four planets in Sagittarius. Capricorn Moon would serve to underline Saturnian traits, one of which is looking after business, which she always does in seeking her place in the headlines. Whatever else Ann Coulter is, she's a hard-nosed businesswoman, with a thick skin.

One other tidbit gleaned from her chart: Pluto, at 10.08 Virgo conjoins a Fixed Star called Zosma at 11.17 Virgo. I don't know whether this is of any significance. Pluto lay in this position for quite some time, the conjunction will appear in charts of millions born during that period. Not all will have the Pluto/Zosma conjunction square to Mercury though. It's something to consider.

ZOSMA -- 11VIR17 -- #15438 -- mag2.6
Located on the back of the Nemean Lion. Zosma is the point where the great lion's back was broken by Hercules. The lion represented the ancient goddess worship and the act of Hercules breaking its back is symbolic of the end of this era or the persecution of the feminine - the burning of witches. Zosma may be a victim or a person who fights for the victim.
Influence: A victim or a saviour. Medically, this is Venus/Saturn. May cause buildup in the body, resulting in disease. Seems to also influence depression.


On the surface she appears neither victim nor saviour - but perhaps we don't know the whole story.

A final observation: Ms Coulter will experience a Jupiter return soon, and a solar eclipse very close to her natal Jupiter on 26 January. Jupiter is ruler of that Sagittarius cluster. It'll be interesting to see whether any further events concerning this lady hit the headlines in the next few weeks. If nothing else the transit should be good for book sales!


Wisewebwoman said...

I truly despise the woman, T. Though some 'ave it she's a tranny. Not that this should matter. That so many listen to her astounds me on so many levels.
Like Limbaugh and O'Reilly she feeds into people's darkest fears.

R J Adams said...

Mean-mindedness and greed are the reasons for her poison pen, and a black heart with no hint of any sun. Her book will sell well thanks to the empty-headed idiots who'll flock to purchase it, with or without the assistance of a transit.

Great link to the HP. The writers hit a bullseye.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ She's not among my favourite people either.

There are so few writers or commentators who can remain balanced though - on both sides of the political divide. I suppose coulter balances the likes of Keith Olbermann, who also goes over the top a lot of the time, in the other direction.

It's something in the American collective personality I guess - the tendency to exaggerate. ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~ The traits you mention must be involved, yes, but in the end she's a businesswoman with her eye on the next big haul of $$$$. She's a shrewd cookie, knows ecactly where to strike to get the attention she needs. Trouble is she doesn't care who she tramples on to get it.

rphoenix said...

Hi Twilight,

Seems as though The Israelis are using depleted uranium in Gaza, this from a European (Norwegian?) doctor who is there treating people. He said that nearly every person who has been hit by the DU is going to develop cancer.

Half of the population in Gaza is under 15.

To me, this qualifies as genocide.

Twilight said...

rphoenix~~ Hi Robert

If true that's horrendous. The US, and Britain used DU in the past I believe - in the Gulf Wars and in Afghanistan and Iraq - maybe they are still doing it ?
All in the cause of greed and power. It's an abomination. Humans are becoming an abomination unless something is done to stop it.