Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Celebrity Endorsement

It was good to see Dennis Kucinich getting support from Sean Penn last weekend. A transcript of the speech he gave at San Francisco State University is HERE.

I'm not sure how much this kind of endorsement influences voters, but for an alien onlooker like me, who will miss out on voting in 2008, it all adds to the fun of the election circus.

Sean Penn was born 17 August 1960, Santa Monica California at 3.17pm. Comparing his natal with that of Denis Kucinich shows their Uranus placements in exact sextile (a harmonious link) Penn's at 21 Leo, Kucinich's at 21 Gemini. Uranus is the planet of change, usually unexpected change, and of forward looking, and avant garde thinking. Uranus is modern ruler of Aquarius, the humanitarian and most progressive of all zodiac signs, I guess this Uranus link is what they have in common, along with their fiery ascendants in trine(very harmonious), Kucinich @14 Aries, Penn @ 16. Sagittarius.

The "big three" Democratic candidates seem to have cornered the market in celebrity contributions and endorsements, but it's nice to see names like Paul Newman, Paul Simon and Willie Nelson among those venturing out of the mainstream, along with Sean Penn.

This list (from HERE) of celebrity endorsements and starry contributors to campaigns is interesting - and telling !


Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York - Barbra Streisand, Hugh Hefner, John Grisham, Jerry Springer, Chevy Chase, Rosie O'Donnell, Candice Bergen, Christie Brinkley, Barry Manilow, Mary Steenburgen, Marlo Thomas, Sharon Lawrence, Bette Midler, Alex Baldwin, Martha Stewart, Merle Haggard

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois - Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Halle Barry, Jennifer Anniston, Morgan Freeman, Ben Stiller, Tobey Macguire, Edward Norton, Eddie Murphy, Gene Wilder, Branford Marsalis, Dennis Haysbert, John Cleese, Louis Gossett, Cindy Crawford, Kenny Alphin.

Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina - Don Henley, Larry David, Seth Green, Gary Cole, Hank Azaria, James Denton, Jean Smart, Richard Gilliland, Tony Shalhoub

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico - Rob Reiner, Randy Travis, Al Unser, Barry Switzer, Val Kilmer, Jimmy Smits

Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut - Steve Martin, Paul Newman, Lorne Michaels, Paul Simon, Elisabeth Shue, Michael Douglas.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio - Willie Nelson, Sean Penn, Mark Ruffalo.

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York - Kelsey Grammer, Adam Sandler, Ben Stein, Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas - Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Ric Flair.

Former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee - John Rich(of Big and Rich), Cowboy Troy, Trace Adkins.

Here is just one paragraph from Sean Penn's long speech:

"Wolf Blitzer asked each candidate if they would support the other should they themselves not be the nominee. One after another, the answer, yes. One exception: Dennis Kucinich, who with the minimal time allotted him, once again rose up beyond the sound bite and put principal ahead of party; argued policy rather than politeness. He has been the dominant voice of integrity on issues of trade, labor, education, environment, health, civil liberties, and the one endlessly determined voice of peace. But is he too short? Does his haircut not appeal? Is he not loyal enough to a cowardly democratic platform? Does he not appeal to the cult of personality? And what if the answer is yes? What if Dennis Kucinich, the most deserving and noble of candidates, the most experienced in issues of policy and the least willing to play into the politics of personal power? What if we can't elect a man simply on the basis of the best ideas, the most courage, and the most selfless service? What does it say about our country when we can't rally the voices of the common good to support a man, like our troops, who would die for us, who would die for our constitution? Who, as mayor of Cleveland at the age of 31 stood up against contracts on his life. Three separate assassins whose intent was to kill him as he stood up for his constituency there. Nonetheless, he carries on. He continues to serve."

Great stuff Sean ! Go get 'em Dennis!!!!


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Oh, if only!

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Sowing seeds, RJ - sowing seeds.