Monday, July 30, 2007


Once upon a time it was thought that people in the USA were less prone to snobbery than those in the UK and Europe. I suppose this idea originated due to the fact that many European countries remain monarchies. A monarchy underpins an eschelon of aristocracy, which in turn used to spawn class consciousness and its close cousin snobbishness.

Snobbery isn't just related to bloodlines though. Snobbery can be found in many circles. Sport, music, art, literature, entertainment, food, wine, etc. etc. In a nutshell, snobbery entails looking down on others in an attempt to make oneself feel superior - about anything at all.

“True individualists tend to be quite unobservant; it is the snob, the would-be-sophisticate, the frightened conformist, who keeps a fascinated or worried eye on what is in the wind” said writer Louis Kronenberger.

C.E.O. Carter had this to say in his Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology (and, for once, I have to remark critically, in places, on his words!)-

"Snobbishness is characteristic of Leos and Capricorns (tsk, tsk, Mr Carter - judging by Sun sign?)who are still centred on the material aspects of things. It is probable that the better sort of Capricorn (tsk tsk!)is conscious of, and a believer in, class distinctions, but is quite ready to pay each man his due according to his own view of what ought to be accorded to a man in such a position ( This belief in the value of caste is part of the love of orderliness which Saturn gives; there is a feeling that every one has, and should have, his right place in life, and should keep there, unless he can raise himself by worth, expressed in such terms as Saturn can respect.

The snobbishness of Leo is due to the enhanced idea of their importance which some members of that sign possess."

I do get the gist of what Mr Carter says, and I have to remember that he lived in a different era from me, with slightly different attitudes. I'm pretty sure that he would not tar all Sun Capricorns and Leos with the same brush, but was using a kind of shorthand, which those writing about astrology in brief fall into now and again (myself included).

Summer and winter born people are likely to have some Leo and Capricorn planets in their charts. The key factor is how strong are those planets, what aspects are made, and from whence, and what kind of snobbery?

Regarding Capricorn: it's quite common for Sun Capricorns to have planets in Aquarius - probably the least likely sign to embrace class snobbery, and vice versa -Aquarians often have Capricorn where does that leave us?

Instead of wondering "am I (or some other person) snobbish?", a better investigation would be "what am I (or you) snobbish about?" This assumes that each one of us has a whiff of snobbery somewhere within our personality.

I'd better put up my own hand to something here. I'd like to think that in general I'm not snobbish, but I guess I AM a bit snobbish about writing and speaking correctly. Not with an elegant accent - just correctly. In my younger dating days, if a would-be boyfriend was a sloppy speaker and unable to string a sentence together, I'd turn up my snobby nose. In my natal chart Mercury (planet of communication)is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and almost on the descendant, so in a strong position. One victory for Mr Carter, then!

HeWhoKnows feels much the same as me about correct writing and speaking. He has Mercury in Pisces, but it is conjunct Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. I have to suspect also (whispering) that he's a leeetle bit of a music/jazz snob, and in his natal chart Saturn/Mercury sextiles his Venus(music)/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. He also has Moon and ascendant in Leo....nudge nudge, wink wink. Another tick for Mr Carter!

I found this video on YouTube. "How to be a Pretentious Snob". The presenter is just 19 - from New Zealand I think. It made me laugh. I reckon he has talent.


Michelle said...

I agree completely, but then I'm a Leo so I did take his comments personally.

I've met more "genetic" (as in taught by their family attitudes) snobs that astrological ones, but if I was to pinpointr any sign that stood out.. Virgo, to be honest. I've known some extremely annoying Leos, but can't say any of them were snobby.

capricorn? Trickier to say. They play their cards so close I often find them hard to pin down.

Twilight said...

Hi Michelle.

You're right about the genetic contribution, of course. It's probably a case of 90% genetic, 10% astrological. But with some "astro-blueprints" family attitudes could cause the native to go in quite the opposite direction, while siblings absorb it.

Yes, agree about Leo Suns - I think they're likely to be fun-loving show-offs rather than snobs.

Interesting thought about Virgo, I haven't noticed it myself. Theyre' very conscientious - so maybe they're snobby about NOT being snobby. :-)