Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Living with an astro-agnostic

Question: How does a woman who lives and breathes astrology (or her version of it) cope when married to an astro-agnostic ?

Answer: She develops a thick skin, and finds every available opportunity to point out astrological "coincidences" to her beloved. She takes advice from Ovid: Gutta cavat lapidem - Dripping water hollows out a stone.

She: "Look, dear - he won the race just as Jupiter was passing over his Mars!"
He: "Huh??"

She: "Did you realise that when your daughter broke her foot Saturn was exactly conjunct her ascendant?"
He: "No!" (worried expression)

She: "Have you noticed that I often become temperamental when the Moon is full ?"
He: " that No."

She: The TV started acting up AGAIN when Mercury was retrograde, do you find that significant?
He: "Mercury was WHAT??"

She: Look at this chart luv, your North Node is exactly joined to my Venus. Isn't that nice ?
He: (Looking sheepish) Sounds delightful!

I think my ploy is working, but slowly. Last week, when out to dinner with family, someone was telling my husband about the doings of an acquaintance, and happened to mention that they had the same birthday as my husband: "He was born on the same day as you, but 10 years earlier". "What time?" said my husband... a reflex action ! After all, he's heard me ask the same question so many times ! Gutta cavat lapidem ? Or did I catch a wickedly teasing gleam in the beloved's eye ?


Jeffrey Kishner said...

LOL! I'm grateful I'm with a believer. Even my 8 year old asks when her Saturn transit is over!

Twilight said...

Oh, that's great Jeffrey!
I fear that I am destined to be an astro-missionary, swimming against the !

Neith said...

Hello Twilight, My Aries w/a capital "A" partner is also a non-believer. I don't even bother attempting to convert him . . . poking at an Aries is a risky proposition!

BTW, I found your blog thru Jeffrey's Lunar Tunes . .


Twilight said...

Hello Neith
Thanks for stopping by.

My husband's an Aries Sun too! LOL!
I use my own Aries Moon to jab at his agnostic side! :-)

Anonymous said...

He is so lucky to have you!


Twilight said...

It's kind of you to say so, KR!SS.
It works both ways though - I need the challenge (wink).

JeansMusicBlog said...

This all is not ment for me : I don't believe in this all. My little brother does and he also makes those graph's.

Was just reading the Blog and found this item to react.

Well, I'll leave it to just this remark.
Your day posting of posting is my birthday.....

What a coincidence....
Well Ann, you would say ......

LOL ???

You visited my Blog last year.
I added you today (oct 2007) to my links and wrote a short article about ya.

Twilight said...

Thank you, Jean - that is much appreciated.